August ’16 Match of the Month- Mr.Perfect Vs Bret “hitman” Hart- WWF SummerSlam 1991

summerslam-19911This match is twenty minutes of two of the very best in WWF in 1991, nobody was better at that time in the company than both Bret and Mr. Perfect, and they put one for the ages. This match is pure mat wrestling greatness with both known for being mat technicians. At this point in WWF, the Hitman was mostly known for being in one of the greatest tag teams “The Hart Foundation” along with Jim Neihart. Looking back on the legacy of Bret Hart, this is his first big singles win, and first singles title in WWF,  the lift off point to his amazing 90’s run as WWFs top baby face. Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, and Bobby “The Brain” are in rare form- providing excellent commentary.


The match starts out with Hart taking quick advantage with a wild whiplash snapmare that sends Perfect to the outside. The two trade offensive maneuvers but Hitman goes back to the headlock takedown. A lot of back and forth action, and a lot of hair grabbing for advantage. A small fact about this match was that Perfect was working with a back injury, he would take time out of the ring, recovering while acting as “executive consultant” to Ric Flair, and also being color commentator on SuperStars of Wrestling.


Monsoon, Heenan and Piper are on fire on commentary. Heenan being the bias heel, Piper being the over the top babyface mark, with Monsoon trying to hold order whenever Brain gets out of hand (Will you stop!) Monsoon points out that Harts Parents are in MSG, and he can’t imagine how nervous they must be for their son. Heenan quips back “they aren’t nervous for Bret! They are looking around for security, they snuck in!” Hart gets his stuff sold like it’s pain-in-a-bottle, gets to kick out of the Perfect-plex, and gets a sweet little reversal of the wishbone legdrop into the sharpshooter for a submission win and Brets first Intercontinental Championship. Just an honest-to-goodness fun match to watch. The crowd pops hard for The Hitman, after getting the submission victory.  A funny note at the very end of the match was when Lord Alfred Hayes, was standing by with Stu Hart, waiting to get a word with him about his son, Stu Replies, “hes wonderful. Hes..” but Alfred cuts him right off. You can see that Stu’s is  a little pissed.





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