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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 predictions

After a long hiatus, Hacksaws back baby!!! Here with my thought on the upcoming RoyalRumbles, the male and female versions respectively




20180117_royalrumble_FemaleRumble--3fa0ba55e22d13b4f96181c1260c1131.jpgThe First ever All Female Royal Rumble.

A historic landmark in WWE history( cause it’s been done before everywhere else) is the momumental all female Royal Rumble. 30 woman from the roster, excluding the two champs Charlotte and Alexa, set to go all out for a number one contenders spot at Wrestlemania. Standouts for favorites are Asuka, NiaJax and the rumored debut of RondaRousey. I would love to see someone like Bayley or an upstart from NxT win it. Another thought I had is, are WWE gonna let the women take over the top rope elimination bumps? Hope it’s not all knocked off the apron eliminations. As it shows in the promotional poster, there are 18 confirmed females in the match, which leaves 12 open spots for returns or call ups. Here’s who I think should fill out those twelve spots

-Nikki Bella

-Ronda Rousey


-Toni Storm


-Michelle Mccool

-Torrie Wilson

-Beth Phoenix


-Santana Garrett

-Peyton Royce

-Billie Kay


20180117_royalrumble_MaleRumble--3bcaf299b97bf6ea3d530eb7689427ee.jpgAs for the Male royal rumble, my pick to win is Shinsuke Nakamura. He’s floundered for a while since his debut in wwe last year, so I think giving him the Rumble as his first big win in his wwe career would be good to build him up, plus it gives the wwe universe and pro wrestling fans Styles vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania which would definetly be money. You alway have to keep your fingers crossed that WWE has learned from the last several rumbles how the crowd reacts to Roman reigns when he comes out to the Rumble. Let’s not have him win again. Same goes for Orton. My Iron man pick (guy in the Rumble the longest but comes up short) is Rusev. The last few rumbles have been Blah for The Bulgarian Brute, and the fact that he’s over like Syrup covered Pancakes, gives me the hope that he will get a great run in this years match. I also think an Nxt call up is gonna impress as well. Don’t forget about John Cena…hes Duke Nukem(more on that soon)

20180117_royalrumble_StylesOwensSami--bf5f021aa21fdf4a859a88cb49eb2656As for the rest of the card. I could really care less about the whole ShaneMcMahon/DanielBryan fued with the wwe championship as a backdrop to this. It’s AjStyles vs KevinOwens and SamiZayn for the belt, and if Zayn and Owens win, they become co-holders of the WWE title. I’m not interested in the drama with Shane and Daniel, because I’m already sick of ShaneMcMahon. To me he was never anything special. He peaked with his KingOfTheRing match with Angle in 2001.

20180117_royalrumble_StrowmanLesnarKane--6a81f90787072e6c9a155bc633714667.jpgBrock vs Strowman vs Kane will be a car wreck. They will destroy the whole arena. Strowman will look amazing in this match but will not take the title home. Expect Brock to win by pinning Kane. Brock vs Roman is planned for Wrestlemania, so we have that to look forward too.

20180117_royalrumble_UsosChadBenjamin--54207553caa609fb98f3ae7b741a6eb9Out of the two tag matches, the one for the Smackdown tag titles is most interesting to me, as Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable take on The Usos, who are the currently tag champs and best tag team in wwe right now. It’s a two out of three falls match so expect awesomeness from these four men. Expect a lot spots and big bumps in this hard hitting match. My prediction? Usos Retain.



JOHN FARRELL IS GONE! I REPEAT JOHN FARRELL IS GONE! In shocking but not shocking news, John Farrell has been relieved of his duties as the manager of the Boston Red Sox. This is coming after the second straight year of losing in the ALDS.

Farrell had become the first manager in franchise history to win back to back AL East championships however; this was not enough to keep his job. John will be sent packing after 5 seasons with the team. A 432 and 378 record was not enough to sustain the job.

His resume in 5 seasons would actually help is case in some eyes. In the past years, he led the team to 3 division titles and 1 World Series title. However, his in game decisions were most likely what led to this. Many fans, including myself, were not happy with many of his decisions in his time here. For example, the time he came out of the dugout after not knowing the rule that a pitcher must face at least one hitter after bring brought in. I believe too many blunders definitely played a part in this decision.

Farrell had completely lost the team this year. The way he handled the Machado incident and Price vs Eck incident are just two more examples of how he didn’t have control of the locker room.

One question that now arises who takes the job?

  • Former Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus. I am a hard no on this guy. He just plain out stinks.
  • Alex Cora. Cora is intriguing because he knows the organization. A few years back he even played for the team. He is said to be loved in Houston so look for him to be interviewed.
  • Jason Varitek. The captain who already works with the team could rise as another candidate. He is loved by the fans and the organization so he definitely has that plus on his side. His downside is he has never been a manger.Varitek_Jason_Headshot1
  • David Ortiz Why not give Ortiz a shot? EVERYBODY and I mean everybody seems to love him. I don’t know if he would even want the job but him being around more may spark something. Hey, just say he’s in shape he could be a player manager.

Anyhow, at least Jonny Steelcock is gone and I couldn’t be happier.

The Mania is Back!!! A few thoughts on WWE Hell in A Cell + No Mercy



Did everyone see Shane Mcmahon jump off the cell, last sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell? Well Shane missed his target, Kevin Owens( who was saved by Sami Zayn) and completely obliterated himself through the Spanish announce table.   WWE needed to create a new moment that they can associate with the Hell in a Cell and for nearly twenty years  they used UnderTaker throwing Mankind off the Hell at King of the Ring 1998,  so this takes its place as the new “OMG” hell in a cell moment that the Universe will talk about


Shinsuke lost again to Jinder Mahal, who is a great heel but shouldnt be World Champion. Hes just Blah. his entrance is cool and he cuts a mean promo here and there but somethings missing. Shinsuke needs to find Aj Styles and find him fast. Speaking of AJ Styles, he lost his United States title to Baron Corbin in a Triangle match, also featuring Tye Dillinger. The perfect 10 is great. Corbin gets  a title, to make up for a lackluster last few months.

The Usos defeated The New Day in an excellent tag team hell in a cell match. Very creative spots in this match, using the Singapore Canes to trap someone in the corner of the cell was very cool, never seen that before. A LOT of Cane shots in this match (Some Where Sandman is smiling)  I have to tip my hat to Xavier Woods for being one of the most successful guys in WWE, having his pulse on anything WWE does video game related. His UP Up Down Down channel is very fun to watch, and was recently Raiden from Mortal Kombat in a Video Game.

Rusev needs to start winning. He needs to come out ontop in this feud with Orton. I also think Orton is very protected in his character. Yes he loses, but its usually not a clean loss.

Bobby Roode Beat Diggles Daggles(Dolph Ziggler) in a match that i thought was good. After the match DZ laid out Roode.  Before the match started, Dolph walked out to no theme or titan tron, which i think is cool.

Charlotte won, via DQ when Natayla hit Charlottes’s knee with a steel chair, retaining her title. No Cash in by Carmella or interference by Paige.


NO Mercy Thoughts

That Tag Team match. Ambrose and Rollins defeated The Bar to retain the Tag Team straps in one of the best matches of the year. Cesaro chipped his front Teeth, which must have hurt like a bastard.

Roman and Cena had a amazing match that saw Big match John lose to the Big Dog. It was a great send off for Cena, who is taking time away from WWE to film a boat load of movies and tv stuff. WWE teased this as “Cenas Last Match”

BRRRAAAAUNNN Should have defeated Lesner for the title. “The Abominable Strowman” was being made to look like a very serious threat to Lesner’s reign and the crowd was being him 100% but he still lost clean to one f-5.


Whats Going On Here

It has been a while since I graced the pages of the blog that I created a couple years back. So here is a status update for the site, the BrotherShip was on hiatus for a bit but is now back, and although the site is now longer really staffed, I am going to power ahead. Captain Jack never gives up, and he never surrenders.

I will be taking on pretty much everything on this website from here on out. Things are going to change drastically. The big thing is the sites name, the “Sports” part is most likely being dropped. I am going into this change open minded, and will now have a blog for the masses. Give the people what they want, and they come back.

So whats being added in? Music, movies, pop culture and fashion(no its not, I have zero idea about that stuff). Go big or go home right?

I took a role with a Red Sox blog, so if Tommy does comeback he will continue to be the Sox guy. If Hacksaw comes back, he will continue to work as my wrestling guy. Both of those guys have great stuff in the new facets, so I welcome them back with open arms. Uncle Rico and I have something in the works for a podcast, so I am keeping that fella around. The others, they are ghost, they never really cared about the site.

In the coming weeks, there may be a new logo, the logo might just drop the sports part. I haven’t decided. The site will be configured in a new way. Lunch Time Heroics is not going anywhere, I love that stuff, I know the readers did too.

But for those who thought we were gone and forgotten, think again. Back, stronger and even more handsome than ever.

So until the next time I write, keep being handsome and look for the changes to come!


The 3rd Week

Good things come in 3’s, and well it’s week 3 of the Shamrocks season so I guess that’s a good thing. A team who’s looking to make that adage a reality is the the White team, looking for their third W in a row. The old White-Black rivalry is renewed, while Green takes on Blue.

1. White 2-0
2. Black 1-0-1
3. Green 0-1-1
4. Blue 0-2

The white and black rivalry dates back to my days in the league. White and black played one of the most intense and passionate hockey games ever. I’m glad to say I was a part of that one, and glad to say I was a part of the winning black team that day. Enough about that game, let’s get back to reality here. White comes in unbeaten, and with a hefty streak going against black in the regular season. Black comes in with some major momentum after beating Blue last week. The phrase to use in this one will be “Cooler heads prevail”. So if you can’t figure that out what I mean then I’ll explain it in 5 words. Stay out of the box. Whoever stays out of the sin bin wins this one folks. Captain Mario Dafonte was quoted in saying about this week’s game, “No one has knocked us of our game yet, so I’ll just say this I don’t care whose next”. Big words from the Captain there.

Blue and Green battling for supremacy. Blue put up 3-4 last week and it wasn’t nearly enough. Green didn’t really show up, some blame coaching there(I might be with them). Green has to come together as one or they will die as individuals(Any Given Sunday reference). A lot on the line here, neither can afford the L to be quite honest.

My picks
White 5-4
Green 6-2

I won’t be in attendance this week, I’ll be at America’s favorite ballpark. But hey who knows maybe there will be a recap of some sorts this time around.

Week 2 Shamrocks

Alrighty my friends, it is time for this weeks preview of the upcoming Shamrocks hockey games. This weeks set has Black against Blue, and Green against White. I’m not 100% on the times, but I’ll start in the order that they were mentioned in.

White is atop the league as the only team with a victory. Black and Green follow with a tie apiece. And Blue sits in the cold, dark cellar in last after being blown out last week.

Black comes in as the heavy favorites this week. Coming off last weeks deadlock with Green, they’ll look to put up a 10 spot against Blue. Blue looked depleted early on against white and will look to bounce back. Blue needs an early spark in this one, a quick power play or a cheap goal. All the momentum is firmly behind black, but if Black gets ahead of themselves they could be in massive trouble. This could finally be the week Black breaks its regular season losing streak. Hopefully it is, I think they’re tired of being compared to that winless Lions team from years back.

White and Green will be an interesting matchup this week. To win this one, Green needs to bang home a lot of rebounds. Get the first shot then follow up on the rebounds, that’s a key to victory for them. White can win by playing a methodical pace, slow the game down in portions of the first and second. Then when you get to the late games try to combat the speed. This one is a battle of contrasting styles so the intensity should be high. Rich Shipman(Green goalie) has to be big, the former Mansfield Hornet has been a stinger in Whites side in the past. If he continues the hot streak against white, Green should take this one.

Picking time!
Green 6-3
Black 7-2

The rink is cold, I’ll tell you that much!


Week 1 Is In The Books

And just like that the first week of the Shamrocks season has come to a close. Black and Green finished in a 4-4 tie(called it, not a big deal) and White beat Blue 5-1(only off by 2 goals). So not only a successful on ice week but picks wise I say I’d did pretty darn good.

Starting with the opener, it was a fierce and thrilling tilt until the final buzzer(which never sounded). Black stormed out to a first period lead, that grew to 3-1 by the end of the first frame. Green was able to storm back to tie it toward the tail end of the second period. But Black stepped on the toes of green late in the second to go up 4-3 heading into the third. Green was able to get the equalizer after a non-call slash/trip and a turnover. Neither team could really muster anything late in the game as well. Both teams really left it out on the ice in this one.

White crushed Blue 5-1, really wasn’t a close one. After 1, White led 2-0 and really controlled the pace of play. They actually controlled it enough to the point where I went home, no need to stay when you know the outcome is going to end in a certain fashion. White had the legs and blue didn’t, it really is as simple as that. Blue has a short bench, that could really hurt them as the season progresses.

So after week 1, I believe here is how the standings shape up.
1. White 1-0-0 2 PTS
2. Black 0-0-1. 1 PT
3. Green 0-0-1 1 PT
4. Blue 0-1-0 0 PTS

I wasn’t able to catch up with anyone from green after the game. But their spirits seemed high as they left the Vet, and they mentioned needing a veteran leader in the locker room. Black also seemed happy with the result, Forward Mike Patjane, when asked about squandering the lead, said, “Oh jeez, the missed call hurt but hey you can’t get them all. We will have to put that past us”.

Chris Arnaudo of Black brought up the good spot his team is in after week one. Arnaudo said, “Hard fought game. One of those where you feel like you should have got two points out of it but you’ll take the tie. Good start, they’re a tough opponent so a lot of positives to take from this one”.

I was able to talk to both Captain Mario Dafonte and Assistant Captain Steve Neal of White. Neal said, “White team was a wagon, we’re going to run the table this summer”. I like Neal’s confidence after week 1.
Dafonte brought up the positives from the victory, “We just have a lot of skilled players that know their positions. Were a well oiled machine and all the parts are working together. Pass shoot score baby thats tonights story. dont sleep on white lightning”. White lightning is the nickname Dafonte gave this team years back, and somehow it stuck.

Next week, we get the matchups of White-Green and then Black-Blue. Hopefully we get some competitive games, the preview will be rip, roaring and ready to go by the latest of Thursday morning.

Oh lastly, I will not be retracting anything I say about any team this season. If you don’t like it well tough. The only way to prove you’re worth is with wins, if you don’t then be prepared to get criticized.

Until then, stay handsome.