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Red Sox Preview

Hey Everybody! You miss me? Yeah probably not. However, it is almost that time of year again! What time you ask? BASEBALL SEASON!! The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to start up again in just six days and in 8, I will be back in beloved Fenway Park.  However, less about me and more about the Red Sox.

Boston kicks off the year against the Pittsburgh Pirates who will be coming to Boston. On April 3rd, CY Young award winner Rick Porcello will be taking the mound to face Gerrit Cole. In game 2, we get to see Chris Sale in his for start as a Red Sox followed by Eduardo Rodriguez to end the series. The rotation will be filled out by All Stars Steven Wright and Drew Pomeranz. To start the year, the Red Sox will be without David Price. If Price, is out for a long time the Red Sox could be in trouble. In the offeason, the Red Sox traded for Chris Sale to put a three headed monster in the rotation however, Price got hurt this spring and no word is out on how long he will be on the DL. usa_today_9974033-0

The Red Sox line up should be very good this year even with the loss of fan favorite David Ortiz. With Ortiz retiring, the main question of the team is who will provide the power. With the spring coming to an end, the opening day roster is starting to come into pictures. Team leader, Dustin Pedroia will be leading off again. Following him (which to me is kind of a surprise), is preseason rookie of the year candidate, Andrew Benintendi. Next up, is MVP runner up Mookie Betts. Taking over at clean up for Big Papi will be Hanley Ramriez. Firth and sixth in the line up will be newcomer Mitch Moreland and silver slugger Xander Bogaerts. In my eyes these two should be switched. After X comes, the return of the Panda, Pablo Sandoval. Batting last is Sandy Leon.  I believe the team will still be one of the highest scoring teams in the league even without Papi. The main questions with the lineup are can panda play every day? Can Benintendi produce for a full season? Should Blake Swihart and Sam Travis be on the roster? Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr, Mookie Betts

I believe the Red Sox should win the AL East.

Record- 94-68

Major Awards- CY Young- Chris Sale

MVP-Mookie Betts

ROY- Andrew Benintendi

WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS- Red Sox over Cubs in 6

What Celtics Should be in the All Star Game

Last night, I was lucky enough to head into Boston to see the Boston Celtics take on the Utah Jazz. In a very entertaining game, I noticed a couple of C’s that should definitely be considered for the All Star game. (And no one of them is not the kylnyk himself Kelly Olynyk but if I had my way he’d be the main focus of the offense)

All joking aside, four players from this years starting lineup should at least be considered as all stars. First , who is probably the least likely to make it, is Jae Crowder. Last night, he played amazing on both sides of the court. He said after the game that the crowd cheering for Gordon Hayward sparked a fire in him. However, he has been preforming really well this season. Shooting at a percentage of 48.8, he is shooting at the highest rate of his career.  However, his 13.3 points per game is where he gets hurt for votes. He should however, be considered for a defensive player of the year candidate.

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Next, is Avery Bradley. Putting up his best point per game average of his career at 17.8 ppg, it finally looks like Avery has smoothed out his shot in order to be a very consistent scorer for this team. Like Crowder, he also plays amazing defense He is also shooting 41% from deep. He is also averaging almost 7 rebounds per game which is very impressive for a shooting guard.

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The next two are more likely to get into the game before Avery and Jae.

First, Al Horford. Boston finally brought in a big name free agent this past off-season. Besides a few miscues, Horford has lived up to his contract. Al is averaging 15.5 points per game with 6.5 boards and 4.9 assists. He is also another man who is helping the Celtics win by locking down big men in the paint. The 4 time all star is looking like hes on his way to another with his play this season.

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Last, but certainly not least, is the man the crowd cheers MVP, MVP, MVP for. That man is the little guy, 5’9 Isaiah Thomas. IT has been putting on a show of late, with his best showing of 52 the other night. Shooting at 47%, IT has put up the 5th best PPG in the league at 27.8. He just makes the game so much fun watching him especially in the 4th quarter. He deserves to be back in the all star game and as a starter. Without him, I do not see the team being at where they are now.

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Red Sox Bring Home Some Hardware 

Although the season ended on a disappointing note as a team, the Red Sox did bring home some hardware for individual accomplishments. Nine awards were won by players on the years team. 

For the man, who ended up a Mvp finalist finishing second in voting, Mookie Betts brought home the most awards. He won a gold glove award for his outstanding play in right field. While he also brought home the best defensive right fielder award. His third award was the silver slugger. 

With a great career coming to an end, it was only obvious that Big Papi, David Ortiz, took home a few awards. He was voted the best overall hitter by the fans. He also brought home the Silver Slugger award for DH. 

Another offensive award was taken home by a Red Sox player. The silver slugger award for shortstop went to Xander Bogaerts. This was his second time winning the award. 

Along with all the offensive awards, a few Red Sox players won defense awards for outstanding play in the field. Besides Mookie, Dustin Pedroia took home the best defensive player at second base. 

Pitching wasn’t always looked at as a strong suit this season. However, one man did take home the award for the best pitcher in the AL. That man was Pretty Ricky. Rick Porcello took home the CY Young award and the award for the best outstanding pitcher. 

Go Tribe Go 

Last night, we saw the Cleveland Indians take game 1 of the World Series after beating the Chicago Cubs 6-0. 

After being written off a before even the ALDS, the underdog Indians took it to the Cubs and ace Jon Lester. Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller, and Cody Allen continued to look dominate in the postseason shutting down the Major League wins leader.

Roberto Perez was the spark of the tribes offense. Perez went 2 for 4 with 4 RBIs and 2 home runs. 

Now it’s still a long series but taking game 1 was a huge step for Believeland. 24 of the last 28 teams to win game one have gone on to win the series. So a loss in game 2 would definitely hurt a the Cubs, who struck out 15 times in game 1. 

Will the Cursed Cubs be able to come back and win game 2? We will see as game 2 is tonight. 
Go Tribe Go! 

Red Sox’s Cy Young Candidate

Going into the year, a lot of people thought the best pitcher for the Boston Red Sox was going to be David Price. While Price has pitched very well of late. He is not the Red Sox Cy Young award hopeful. 

The Cy Young Award is presented annually to the best two pitchers in Majors, one each for the American League and National League. 

The pitcher for the Red Sox who is putting in a strong effort to win the award, is Rick Porcello. 

Pretty Ricky has been great all year especially at home. As we saw last night, he notched his, major league leading 18th win. He is now 18-3 in 27 starts this year. His ERA is 3.26. His WHIP is 1.04. He has been unstoppable as of late, going seven straight starts in which he’s completed at least seven innings and allowed no more than three runs. 

His best numbers are though that he is still undefeated at home. He is now 13-0 when he pitching on the rubber at America’s most beloved ball park. 

The award however may go to the wire as it is a very tight race. Others up for the award include J.A Happ, Cole Hamels, Corey Kluber, Zach Britton, and Chris Sale. 

For Porcello, this run comes after a miserable season last year in which he went 9-15.

Let’s all hope, Pretty Ricky can keep this us and bring the award back home. 

The Future is Here 

With Bogaerts, Betts, Bradley Jr., and Travis Shaw already up in the majors. We are already witnessing the future of the Boston Red Sox.

Now, we get to see another young stud get his call. That man would be Andrew Benintendi.

As the seventh pick in just last years draft, it comes as kind of a shock to some fans. But this kid could be a great addition to the already star power in the outfield. A centerfielder by trade, the youngster will be asked upon to play left field in platoon with Bryce Brentz. 

On May 15th, Benintendi got the call up from class-A Salem too the Red Sox Double A team the Portland Sea Dogs. And now just a little over two and a half months later he will get his call up again this time to the Majors. 

After being part of trade rumors to Chicago for ace Chris Sale, no deal was complete leading to his call up to the Bigs. 

In Salem, he was hitting .341 with 46 hits, 1 homer, and 32 RBIs before his call up to Portland. 

In Portland, Andrew was hitting .295 with 70 hits, 8 homers, and 44 RBIs. 

Is it too early for the call? Maybe but it maybe the right move. We needed another option in Left as Chris Young and Blake Swihart are both still hurt.

We will get too see his first start tomorrow night. 

MidSeason Report Card

Hey everybody, it’s that time again for me to grade all of this year’s Boston Red Sox players, coach, and management. I will not grade recent call ups/additions to the ball club. So here we go.

For the starters, I will rank them in the order of what number starter they are.

David Price: C+
For the money he is earning, he has not pitched like an Ace. He has looked better nearing the All Star break but I’ll have to see more to be satisfied.

Clay Buchholz: F
Three words: he has sucked.

Rick Porcello: B+
Pretty Ricky has been sitting pretty pitching deep into outings. His ERA is a little high but he’s been consistent while supporting a good record.

Eduardo Rodriguez: D-
After being projected the number 2 starter, he got hurt during spring training. When he was finally back, he still didn’t live up to the hype.

Steven Wright: A
Maybe the biggest surprise of the year. A man who was questionable to even make the roster to becoming an All Star. He’s been fabulous besides a few Games. Let’s hope he keeps it up.


Craig Kimbrel: B-
He’s either on or off. When he has been called on for saves he’s nails. When in other situations he’s the polar opposite.

Heath Hembree: A-
Another big surprise. This kid has some good stuff. Proving he deserves to be up here.

Matt Barnes: B+
Another kid who has some strong stuff. His fastball is in the upper 90s and he has improved greatly on his off speed command.

Junichi Tazawa: D+
His grade is more on how much he is overworked. He isn’t preforming like we know he can cause Farrell uses him too much.

Tommy Layne: C
A guy who I really like. However, his stuff hasn’t been great. He is used mainly against lefties.

Robbie Ross: C
Another guy I like watching but is used in the wrong spots. He has the velocity to overpower people but he just doesn’t most of the time. But he has been useful in long outings of relief.

Koji Uehara- D
Koji just doesn’t have the great stuff were use to seeing. He is leaving too many splitters over the plate. We will have to see if he can close out games now that Kimbrel is hurt.


Ryan Hanigan: D+
The savvy vet isn’t preforming like he did last summer. It maybe because he is trying to catch Wright but he is not playing the same game we are use too.

Christian Vasquez: D+
He isn’t hitting first and foremost. Recently, he has been sent down because he also can’t do the stuff he’s suppose to do. CATCH

Sandy Leon: A
A man who wasn’t suppose to be a hitter. But all he’s doing is hitting. Since being called up he’s been a man on a mission. Both behind the dish and at it this man has been great.

Catchers/Left Fielder
Blake Swihart: B-
He’s proved he can hit but is he the catcher of the future? Moving him to left proved what type of athlete he is. But he’s landed on the DL so we have to wait.

First Base
Hanley Ramirez: B-
Hanley is hitting for contact and playing good at first. Both I’m shocked to say. But his power numbers are down and that’s some what worry some.

Second Base
Dustin Pedroia: B
He’s been injury free and playing great in the field. He’s still hitting at a reliable rate but is grounding into way too many double plays.

Short Stop
Xander Bogaerts: A+
This kid is incredible. Besides a slowed down little period (he was exhausted) he has been the best player all year. A nice double in the ASG proves he is elite.

Third Base:
Travis Shaw: B-
The kid who stole Pandas job, started on a tear. His numbers are back down to earth but he is proving he can be a big leaguer. If he can cut down a little on the errors he’ll be fine.

Marco Hernandez: B-
When in there he’s proved a spark. Not expected to do much, he’s been a good utility player.

Josh Rutledge: C+
Like Marco, he’s been what we expected a good utility role. He also has great hair.


Mookie Betts: A
Another kid who will be a star. The kids power and speed is unbelievable. He could be a 30-30 player this year.

Jackie Bradley Jr.: A-
His grade would be higher if he didn’t strike out as much. But he’s been unbelievable otherwise. YES HE CAN HIT.

Brock Holt: C
He’s been pretty good as an every day player. But nothing special. He did have a stint on the DL which hurts his grades.

Chris Young: C+
Started very very slow. But before he got hurt, he has turned it on and was a very interesting player to watch. Hopefully, he continues to strive for the better.

Bryce Brentz: B-
Called up recently, he’s been pretty good. Nothing great nothing bad. Grade could be higher or lower.

David Ortiz: A+
The farewell tour of farewell tours. Leads the leagues in so
many categories. He deserves a few more days off to keep him healthy.

John Farrell: C
He hasn’t been terrible. He also probably deserves to keep his job. But he should still be on the hot seat.

Management: B
Dave Dombrowski has done what he came here to do. His additions have been good. However, the only thing bringing his grade down is the starting pitching. He just traded his top pitching prospect however for a pitcher I am not too sure about.

Well, here they are comments are welcome.