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JOHN FARRELL IS GONE! I REPEAT JOHN FARRELL IS GONE! In shocking but not shocking news, John Farrell has been relieved of his duties as the manager of the Boston Red Sox. This is coming after the second straight year of losing in the ALDS.

Farrell had become the first manager in franchise history to win back to back AL East championships however; this was not enough to keep his job. John will be sent packing after 5 seasons with the team. A 432 and 378 record was not enough to sustain the job.

His resume in 5 seasons would actually help is case in some eyes. In the past years, he led the team to 3 division titles and 1 World Series title. However, his in game decisions were most likely what led to this. Many fans, including myself, were not happy with many of his decisions in his time here. For example, the time he came out of the dugout after not knowing the rule that a pitcher must face at least one hitter after bring brought in. I believe too many blunders definitely played a part in this decision.

Farrell had completely lost the team this year. The way he handled the Machado incident and Price vs Eck incident are just two more examples of how he didn’t have control of the locker room.

One question that now arises who takes the job?

  • Former Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus. I am a hard no on this guy. He just plain out stinks.
  • Alex Cora. Cora is intriguing because he knows the organization. A few years back he even played for the team. He is said to be loved in Houston so look for him to be interviewed.
  • Jason Varitek. The captain who already works with the team could rise as another candidate. He is loved by the fans and the organization so he definitely has that plus on his side. His downside is he has never been a manger.Varitek_Jason_Headshot1
  • David Ortiz Why not give Ortiz a shot? EVERYBODY and I mean everybody seems to love him. I don’t know if he would even want the job but him being around more may spark something. Hey, just say he’s in shape he could be a player manager.

Anyhow, at least Jonny Steelcock is gone and I couldn’t be happier.


Papi Playing Again?

Pedro Martinez has everyone in the Bay State booming with words of a possible Big Pali return. Oh mylanta. Don’t do this to me Pedro. Not know, not ever. Martinez said Ortiz is working out and looks to be on playing shape, which makes me believe a comeback could happen. But will it?

NO. Not a chance in hell David Ortiz ever returns to baseball. Ortiz said he was nagged by foot problems toward the end of his career. Even to the point that he was essentially playing on “stumps”. If that’s the case then there’s a snowballs chance in hell that he comes back.

Would I love an Ortiz comeback? You bet I would. I just don’t think it’s feasible to have a guy at his age come back and play. People say “Well Favre did it”. Well Favre didn’t completely walk away, he took two weeks off and got back after it. It seems to me Ortiz just recently got back into it and is just playing games with our hearts. Also you can’t compare football and baseball, just can’t do that.

So with that I say Papi if you do comeback, come back ASAP. The Sox could use your bat. Otherwise, stop toying with Red Sox Nation’s emotions. As well as don’t say any more to Pedro, he can’t keep his trap shut, God love Pedro but hush.

Stay handsome.

Appointment Television

There has been a major bright spot to the Boston Red Sox early season struggles. That bright spot takes the mound tonight and looks to hurl another a dozen or so strikeouts again. If you guess David Price, then you’ve never been more wrong in your life. Check the name, because he sure is a Sale item. For those scoring at home, yes I tried at a Chris Sale pun right there.

When Sale takes the mound, Red Sox fans are glued to the television or radio unless they’re witnessing him in the flesh. Sale’s outings have become appointment television. Friends and I have broken plans to do things because of his outings. If you don’t watch at least 3-4 innings of the ace, you legitimately aren’t a Sox fan. He is easily the best pitcher in all of baseball at the moment, and the fact that he’s on the Bo-Sox is the best part.

8 straight outings thus far have been double digit outings for the guy. Tonight he goes for the record, right now he’s tied with himself and Pedro Martinez. Sale’s 95 SO’s this season also leads the majors, and that’s only in 9 starts. So if we do the math he might have like 700 strikeouts this year. Yes an exaggeration but how KILLER would that be.

So tonight Chris Sale takes the mound against the Texas Rangers. At home, Sale has looked great. His pace is incredible there and it seems like he’s in the zone from pitch 1-100. He needs some run support, something the Sox have lacked in this year. But with Mookie heating up and El Trece playing great, that shouldn’t be a problem.

7:05 first pitch, we could be witnessing greatness.

Spring Pickings

In the words of The Young Bucks, “Woah, woah wait a minute, wait a minute”, I am coming at you today with some divisional previews. I pick my winners and maybe some who will compete with them. I slightly also take a stab at the World Series and who wins and who loses.


AL East- The bias in me is picking the Red Sox to win the AL East this season. I think the big 3 pitchers will combine to win close to 45-50 games and will give them over 200 innings pitched. I also think we could see the emergence of the superstars that are Mookie Betts and Xander Boegarts. The fourth and fifth starter (Steven Wright, Brandon Workman, Brian Johnson, etc) will become a big factor as well, and prove to be a big piece of the big picture. I lastly think we will see Andrew Bientendi become one of the big names in baseball; he is poised to breakthrough and really pushes the envelope. Toronto is the team I think will give them the most competition, and I think Buck Showalter could coach Baltimore out of the playoffs. The Yankees could surprise people, but I think they’re still a year away and will welcome a new coach after this season.


AL Central-  The easy pick is the Cleveland Indians. It really is, when you look at the names coming back this season, it will be shocking to see them not win the Central. Michael Brantley could win AL MVP this year; he was a candidate at the beginning of last year. They also bring back Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco to the pitching staff. Oh and they added Edwin Encarnacion to the lineup too. The Indians also added Boone Logan (sneaky great name in baseball) who could work as Andrew Millers tag team partner in that bullpen. I do not count out KC and Detroit, but with the weapons that Cleveland has I cannot see them losing this division. In the words of the opening of The Drew Carey Show, “all the little chicks with the crimson lips singing Cleveland Rocks”, they will be screaming that all the way till October.


AL West- I really have no idea with this division, it’s wide-open. But I am going to go with my gut and take the Seattle Mariners. For years now I have been hoping for the Mariners to run the table and get into the postseason. I think with the addition of Yovani Gallardo and Drew Smyly, the M’s has two really good names to help out King Felix. I think Texas and the Astros are the best threat to them, but I cannot help but pick the Mariners.


NL East- I like Washington to repeat in the NL East. Washington missed on Sale, but added Adam Eaton to the outfield depth. I liked that move a lot, as he will join the best player in the game in Bryce Harper out there. Trea Turner will once again turn heads for this team; I think we are seeing the something special in this kid. With the duo of Scherzer and Strasburg, especially in that division teams will struggle. I think the best competition will come from the Mets. But I think Washington inches them out. I think a story to watch is Dansby Swanson at SS for Atlanta, I like him to win the ROTY in the NL this season, he is a truly one of a kind young gun.


NL Central- The Cubs repeat as division champs. There is really no way the Cubs cannot win this division, if they play to their truest potential they win 100 games, maybe even more. I think with Schwarber for a full season will push them from great to unstoppable. I think they make a bigger move at the deadline too, and it could come from in the division or from Florida.


NL West- Even though it’s an odd year, I am picking the San Francisco Giants. The Giants added a much need closer in Mark Melancon, and should get full seasons out of Hunter Pence and Joe Panik this year. I think the Giants will ride the theme of revenge from last season’s crushing defeat to the Cubs. I think a name to watch Tyler Beede for those from Massachussetts . I think they will mix old and new with their rosters and form something we possibly haven’t seen in years, actually since their World Series wins. LA will be their toughest competition, and for Sox fans it will be interesting to see how Torey Lovullo works out in Arizona


World Series- I like the Red Sox over the Nationals in 6 games. We see Bryce Harper evolve into this postseason monster. He ends up crushing the Cubs in 7 games, and becomes this unstoppable force that the Cubs just cannot figure out. For Boston, they ride the big 3 pitchers and get a much needed spark from Rafael Devers whose added to the roster by the break. The Red Sox jump out to a 2-0 series lead, with Sale and Porcello starting games 1 and 2. A tough loss in game 3 with the 4 starter (my guess is that will be Brian Johnson), a comeback win in game 4 with Price on the mound. A loss in game 5, and then a lights out pitching performance by Porcello to close it out in game 6.

Red Sox Bring Home Some Hardware 

Although the season ended on a disappointing note as a team, the Red Sox did bring home some hardware for individual accomplishments. Nine awards were won by players on the years team. 

For the man, who ended up a Mvp finalist finishing second in voting, Mookie Betts brought home the most awards. He won a gold glove award for his outstanding play in right field. While he also brought home the best defensive right fielder award. His third award was the silver slugger. 

With a great career coming to an end, it was only obvious that Big Papi, David Ortiz, took home a few awards. He was voted the best overall hitter by the fans. He also brought home the Silver Slugger award for DH. 

Another offensive award was taken home by a Red Sox player. The silver slugger award for shortstop went to Xander Bogaerts. This was his second time winning the award. 

Along with all the offensive awards, a few Red Sox players won defense awards for outstanding play in the field. Besides Mookie, Dustin Pedroia took home the best defensive player at second base. 

Pitching wasn’t always looked at as a strong suit this season. However, one man did take home the award for the best pitcher in the AL. That man was Pretty Ricky. Rick Porcello took home the CY Young award and the award for the best outstanding pitcher. 

A Final Farewell to David Ortiz

One phrase that we all learn when we are very young comes to mind when I was asked the question, “If you could say one thing to David Ortiz, what would it be?” My response was a simple one, and it was thank You. Thank you for all that you have done for the Boston Red Sox organization, and also for the city of Boston. Without you, I really can’t even imagine the state of the Red Sox organization. It would be strange and probably not very successful one.

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Story time folks, yes I got a tale for you about my baseball fandom and it involves big 34 and the Boston Red Sox.

As a kid back in the early part of the 2000’s, I thought baseball was an interesting but yet a kind of boring sport. So when the Red Sox signed this big fella from Minnesota, I was like “Well this guy will be here for 2 years and won’t last”. By the All Star break, I figured this guy would be a mainstay for maybe 6-7 years. Then 2004 happened.


“2004, the best Christmas yet, a World Series ring”. Yes, I just quoted that song by the band Fricken A. David Ortiz became Señor October or something like that, and the Sox became a staple in my life. Yes, I admit at times I was a fair-weather fan, but I also was checking the box score to see how Ortiz was doing.

Truth be told, one my favorite Ortiz moment is not actually a walk-off home run or some late game heroics. It comes from a game with Baltimore in 2011, the Sox are smoking the O’s 10-3, and Ortiz steps up to the plate with a man on third and 1 out. Kevin Gregg(the Orioles pitcher) throws 3 fastballs inside on Ortiz, and Ortiz is fuming. Ortiz pops one out to shallow right, and as Don Orsillo says it, “Ortiz is going out and it times to fight”. Both men don’t even come close to landing a punch. But Ortiz going out there to defend himself, after Gregg taunted and threw at him was awesome. Ortiz also winds up for this haymaker and just misses, if he connects on it then I think Gregg may have been put into a coma. Video below, its an awesome watch.

Ortiz had a knack for taking a ball and depositing it on the moon in the clutch and well whenever he pleased at times. What I will miss most is that never say die attitude. Ortiz brought that to the clubhouse and made sure that everyone was on the same page. Ortiz the next Red Sox manager? I don’t know but imagine a coaching staff of him, Jason Varitek and Pedro Martinez. In the words of Lebron James, “Not 5, not 6, not 7”. Hey a man can dream can’t he?

during Game Six of the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park on October 30, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.

David Ortiz is no longer an active player. But will forever in out hearts be the greatest Red Sox player of the modern era. Man, this year we lose a 34 to retirement and then next year we lose the other great 34 in Boston sport lore. Tough year I guess. But both of those 34’s will be retired, and man will that be awesome.

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I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up at almost every Ortiz highlight video I saw on twitter. They were awesome, especially the one narrated by Kevin Spacey. That poem coincided with the career of Ortiz perfectly. It was just one of those things the minute you see it you get tears in your eyes.  The final farwell, well I was tearing up big time, and well pretty much cried like a baby. It was something that many believed may not have happened because of the idea of upstaging the Indians victory. But I bet Terry Francona and Coco Crisp watched that moment from the opposing dugout just for a minute. It was the big of a deal.

Thank you again David, it was a fun ride.

Red Sox’s Cy Young Candidate

Going into the year, a lot of people thought the best pitcher for the Boston Red Sox was going to be David Price. While Price has pitched very well of late. He is not the Red Sox Cy Young award hopeful. 

The Cy Young Award is presented annually to the best two pitchers in Majors, one each for the American League and National League. 

The pitcher for the Red Sox who is putting in a strong effort to win the award, is Rick Porcello. 

Pretty Ricky has been great all year especially at home. As we saw last night, he notched his, major league leading 18th win. He is now 18-3 in 27 starts this year. His ERA is 3.26. His WHIP is 1.04. He has been unstoppable as of late, going seven straight starts in which he’s completed at least seven innings and allowed no more than three runs. 

His best numbers are though that he is still undefeated at home. He is now 13-0 when he pitching on the rubber at America’s most beloved ball park. 

The award however may go to the wire as it is a very tight race. Others up for the award include J.A Happ, Cole Hamels, Corey Kluber, Zach Britton, and Chris Sale. 

For Porcello, this run comes after a miserable season last year in which he went 9-15.

Let’s all hope, Pretty Ricky can keep this us and bring the award back home.