Staff Bios

Jack Corsi is currently a student at Westfield State University located in Westfield, MA. Besides being a writer for the B’Ship, Jack hosts his own sports-talk radio program named Corsi’s Crease on 89.5 WSKB, the station at Westfield State. Known as Skipper, Captain or Chips to the staff and friends, Jack is one of the founders of the site. A die-hard Eagles and Bruins fan, he is not afraid to rip his team to shreds if need be. So if you hear “Utah! Get Me Two!”, the skipper is probably close by. Jack, when not at Westfield, resides in the great town of Franklin, MA. Jack is also holds three Shamrocks hockey league titles, one those he won last year over his Chris, whose team was undefeated at the time. Jack has recently walked away from the game to focus on work, school and the BrotherShip.

Chris Arnaudo is American-born, current student at Curry College, and has dreams to become a sports writer in Boston. Along with Jack Corsi, Chris founded the Brothership blog, and was in the co-pilot seat during it’s take-off . Off the the blog Chris is referred to as Arnie to some because his freshman football coach couldn’t pronounce his last name. He only watches sports and occasionally the CBS comedy “How I Met Your Mother”. A (bias) die hard Boston sports fan that will give you latest on all four major teams and maybe the Revs, if they make it to the championship. If you want more of Chris, he is a play by play/color commentator for Curry College Sports who broadcast on WMLN 91.5. He also will beat Brain Tully (former Broship Writer) at everything, especially looks. Chris also is captain of the Shamrocks whiffle ball, and Black hockey team.

Justin Yancich is currently a Communication major at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst located in Amherst, MA. Previously studying at Westfield State University with Jack, formerly featured on Corsi’s show “Corsi’s Crease”. However, his goal is to double-major in Communication and Journalism, and hopes to show his journalistic abilities in this blog. Justin, also known by most people by the nickname “Chich” is a die hard Boston Sports fan, who follows New England Patriots Football and Boston Celtics Basketball religiously. Admittedly, not much of a hockey guy, but the other writers of the site are very knowledgeable in that area. In addition to Boston Sports, Chich is a college sports fanatic, very biased to University of Michigan football and basketball. When he’s not watching sports, Chich can be found watching 90’s sitcoms, his favorite of all time is Seinfeld (there will be plenty of references, Seinfeld fans). He looks forward to working on Brothership Sports and hopes he can bring some good stories to the people, and maybe a few laughs along the way.

Tommy Corsi is currently a student studying Biology at Westfield State University however he is a die-hard Red Sox fan. Know to his friends as Cash or Tcors, Tommy loves everything about New England Sports especially the Red Sox and the Patriots. Tommy also enjoys “How I met Your Mother”, “Friends”, “Prison Break”, and “Friday Night Lights”. He will also occasionally makes an appearance on his Brother’s show “Corsi’s Crease”. Tommy’s claim to fame however, was predicting the 2013 Red Sox World Series win over the Cardinals in 6 games before the season started. He can be found Bragging about this whenever meeting someone new. Tommy is looking forward to writing about his beloved Red Sox and looks forward to hearing your comments.

Kyle Finamore, a resident of Franklin, MA and current Westfield State University student along with fellow Brothership writers Jack (Skipper) And Tommy Corsi. Kyle is a Criminal Justice major and Computer And Information Science minor at Westfield State. Kyle has been a weekly guest on Jack’s Westfield State radio show “Corsi’s Crease” on 89.5 WSKB. Known by his friends as Finny, Kyle was one half of the most overrated backfield in Franklin High School football history alongside quarterback Nick Zucco. In college, Kyle was elected as a captain for the Westfield State University Men’s Lacrosse team. Kyle has been a Boston sports fan for his entire life, following the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and most importantly The New England Patriots. While taking a step away from the wide world of sports, Kyle enjoying watching the greatest television show ever created Breaking Bad, as well as relating his entire life to SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy quotes. Kyle will be notorious for reminding his readers that his blogs are always “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”.

Mario DaFonte is 5 feet 9 inches of chiseled steel and sex appeal. A student at Merrimack College and  hailing from Cumberland, Rhode Island, most think of him as just your friendly neighborhood spiderman. Love the Red Sox and Patriots, but when it comes to hockey he lives and breathes Pittsburgh Penguins. Some refer to him as Rico, but not most. Captain of the grossly underrated White Lightning Shamrocks team. He is proudly known as the dirtiest player in the league, recording at least one major penalty every season in the league’s history along with being ejected from the Coca Cola Classic in 2013.

Hacksaw Harris is a mysterious character that Jack met only a few months ago. Hailing from Parts Unknown, which is right between Dudleyville and Pokemon Stadium, Hacksaw Harris is the guide to all sources of wrestling. From what we understand, hes been a wrestling fanatic since the day he was born, which means we have no idea how long. When not writing for the B’Ship, Hacksaw spends his time working at Whole Foods. You will find Hacksaws Match Of The Month to be an immaculate read on a monthly basis. Without Hacksaw we have no wrestling maniac on the B’Ship.


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