Who Is Leaving 202 The Winner?

“I’m not surprised mother******”.

I’m going to tell you straight up what I think is going to happen in the McGregor-Diaz fight we are about to see. A lot of you may not agree, a lot of you may think I’m a moron. But this is what is exactly going to happen, and there is no other way of explaining it. The hatred is real, the disgust is real and well the winner is about to become the face of the MMA world. An Irishman and a kid from Stockton, California are about to give us possibly the fight of the century. I can guarantee you, this fight won’t go the distance. The fight will be finished, and someone will be crying like well a baby when it is all said and done. Here’s what will go down.

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Nate Diaz will win this fight by third round KO. Diaz owns plenty of real estate inside Conor McGregor’s head, more than any of us can imagine. McGregor made a big mistake that not even Brock Lesnar could fix. He trashed talked the entire fighting community. Other weight classes, other companies and even WWE superstars. Something, in my opinion, you just don’t do. He should have stuck to his fight game instead of worrying about everyone else. In my eyes, targeting pretty much the world proves your mentally weak. That’s something I never thought I would say about McGregor.

Am I a fan of both guys? Yeah I really am. But I am picking the side of Nate Diaz. Diaz has looked dominant in his wrestling, submissions and boxing in his past few fights. Really helps that he’s got his brother Nick and Jake Shields in his corner. Nate with the win will be in line for a title shot. Something that has been out of reach for a few years now. Nate’s last shot came against Benson Henderson a few years back. A fight that was a missed opportunity, Nate really whiffed big time on that fight. This time, there is no chance he whiffs, he wins against Conor then he takes on the next challenger whose a champ. Whether it be Eddie Alvarez(lightweight or Tyron Woodley(welterweight), he’s got a shot coming for him, as long as he makes weight.

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So with my pick, what’s that mean for Conor? He will have his rematch and feud with Jose Aldo again, and that’ll put some butts in the seats for sure. After he drops this to Nate that will be a must win fight, and there is no doubting that. You lose to Nate then Aldo right after, you can kiss any of that notoriety by. He could simply be a fraud with those losses, don’t forget that would be 3 in a row. Then with that 3 losses in a row usually means a release from the company. But no way Dana releases him if that hypothetical third loss happens.

This could be the biggest fight and rematch in the company’s history. Don’t really like that it is happening in Vegas and not a grander stage. But you can thank Conor for that one, “retiring” royally screwed everything up. What a dope, 200 would have had arguably the biggest rematch in history and he cried like a little girl. I’ve lost a lot of respect for him, and trust me I was a rather bug McGregor fan at one time.

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Vegas will be rocking, but the weigh-in will be arguably the most tense weigh-in in history. I would be shocked if the two aren’t physically restrained. Nate will flip the double birds and Conor will come back with one. This may be as good as the fight will be.

My pick like I said is Nate Diaz by 3rd round KO. Sorry Conor, but the bad boy from Stockton, California has an iron chin. He eats your punches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can’t wait for the post-fight interview.

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