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What Celtics Should be in the All Star Game

Last night, I was lucky enough to head into Boston to see the Boston Celtics take on the Utah Jazz. In a very entertaining game, I noticed a couple of C’s that should definitely be considered for the All Star game. (And no one of them is not the kylnyk himself Kelly Olynyk but if I had my way he’d be the main focus of the offense)

All joking aside, four players from this years starting lineup should at least be considered as all stars. First , who is probably the least likely to make it, is Jae Crowder. Last night, he played amazing on both sides of the court. He said after the game that the crowd cheering for Gordon Hayward sparked a fire in him. However, he has been preforming really well this season. Shooting at a percentage of 48.8, he is shooting at the highest rate of his career.  However, his 13.3 points per game is where he gets hurt for votes. He should however, be considered for a defensive player of the year candidate.

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Next, is Avery Bradley. Putting up his best point per game average of his career at 17.8 ppg, it finally looks like Avery has smoothed out his shot in order to be a very consistent scorer for this team. Like Crowder, he also plays amazing defense He is also shooting 41% from deep. He is also averaging almost 7 rebounds per game which is very impressive for a shooting guard.

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The next two are more likely to get into the game before Avery and Jae.

First, Al Horford. Boston finally brought in a big name free agent this past off-season. Besides a few miscues, Horford has lived up to his contract. Al is averaging 15.5 points per game with 6.5 boards and 4.9 assists. He is also another man who is helping the Celtics win by locking down big men in the paint. The 4 time all star is looking like hes on his way to another with his play this season.

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Last, but certainly not least, is the man the crowd cheers MVP, MVP, MVP for. That man is the little guy, 5’9 Isaiah Thomas. IT has been putting on a show of late, with his best showing of 52 the other night. Shooting at 47%, IT has put up the 5th best PPG in the league at 27.8. He just makes the game so much fun watching him especially in the 4th quarter. He deserves to be back in the all star game and as a starter. Without him, I do not see the team being at where they are now.

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Celtics Show Signs of Success Early in NBA Season

During the heart of the NFL season and World Series drama, a different kind of action is taking place in the NBA, more specifically, in Boston. The Celtics have officially begun their 2016-17 campaign and the excitement around the team is very high with good reason. Boston has started strong in the very early part of the season and looks to continue the momentum into the winter months. Although it is early to take too deep of a look at the standings, there is reason to be optimistic about the start for the Celtics. The team is now 2-1 and on top of the Atlantic division, as well as fourth in the Eastern Conference. Their games included an opening night victory over the Brooklyn Nets, a loss in Chicago to the Bulls, and another victory in Charlotte over the Hornets. The Celtics next two games should be considered measuring sticks as they face some of the best competition in the East with back to back games starting with the Chicago Bulls and then a trip to Cleveland to face the defending champion Cavaliers.

The Celtics team chemistry has been evident through their first three games, something that has been an important part of their success of the past couple years. The addition of all-star Center Al Horford has appeared to have had no negative effect on the team’s chemistry, in fact, it has seemed to only make it better. Horford has the perfect skill set for this Boston team adding another big man that can stretch the floor and play solid defense. Along with Horford, new draft addition Jaylen Brown has shown glimpses of his worth as the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Brown has been able to make a positive impact off the bench, getting to the basket and playing great defense. It spears that he will be able to help the team for many years to come. Many people disagreed with the Celtics choice to draft Brown, so he will be hungry to prove the haters wrong.

As for the familiar faces of the squad, all-star point guard Isaiah Thomas has continued his rise to the top tier of NBA talent. The 5’ 9” point guard has been a scoring machine once again, racking up 24.7 points per game, as well as 6.7 assists per game. It is clear that the offense runs through Thomas and with more attention on him, other players have been able to step up when needed. These players have included Avery Bradley, Amir Johnson and Jae Crowder, who finish out a solid starting five behind Thomas and Horford.

Overall, Boston has to be pleased with the start the team has had so far. Each player has played into their role extremely well and hopefully the excitement will continue throughout the year. The Celtics have high expectations, including predictions of over 50 wins, playoff series wins, and even an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals for a match up with the class of the conference the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Celtics want to accomplish these goals, they will have to continue to improve and establish themselves as a serious contender.

Celtics Fireworks Don’t Seem to be Bursting




No, it’s not the Fourth of July anymore. It’s the famous buzzword that’s been used by the Boston Celtics management to describe their plan for a big time move in offseasons past and present. 

Another offseason is passing us by and the term “fireworks” has been throw around once again. It is clear that the Celtics organization and their fans have been itching for a blockbuster trade or high profile free agent signing ever since the Big 3 of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen left Boston. There has been no shortage of rumors for Celtics fans to speculate over as Boston has been linked to names like Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, and DeMarcus Cousins. Even top free agent Kevin Durant was apparently seriously considering a move to Boston before ultimately deciding on Golden State. Even with all the rumors surrounding the Celtics, still nothing has been done to make this team an immediate championship contender. This is especially frustrating for Celtics fans because of all the promises of more moves from the organization including from owner Wyc Grousbeck, GM Danny Ainge, and even their all star point guard Isaiah Thomas. 

The question for Celtics fans has slowly come from “when will the big move come?”to “if a big move will come at all?” It has been easy for us to praise the organization for the Big 3 trades and the rising success of the current squad, but it should also be easy to question the team for the lack of star power in Boston. It would be easier to sympathize with the Celtics for not getting more star players if they didn’t always promise this to the fans. At some point, you need to look at the management and question if they are handling the current situation the best way possible and if they have the ability to make the team as successful as possible. 

It is clear that Celtics fans will have to be patient as the itch for a championship contender in Boston continues to grow. 

Westbrook? Banner 18? 

Alright let’s start this off with me saying this, Kevin Durant is a fraud, and his decision makes him a huge hypocrite. Now that I got that out, let’s talk some Russell Westbrook. OKC is “supposedly” shopping the superstar point guard. And why not, he’s got a year left and is set to be an unrestricted FA. You shop him now, you’re setting yourself up for a high lotto pick next season. 

Word on the street is that the Boston Celtics(LETS GOOO) are a favorite to land Russ. I love it, absolutely love it. Don’t give me the argument of “he’s a rental”, stupid argument. Give me banner 18 with a rental over the team we have now with just the playoff appearance. Brad Stevens and that system could catapult Russ into the stratosphere(Wolf Of Wall Street reference). IT and Westbrook could be a potential lethal injection of guards, along with Big Al Horford, this team is a title contender. 

Wait Jack…did you say title contender? Oh I sure did say those exact words. You add Russ, you are competing (and probably) beating Cleveland and Toronto. He’s a guy who can drop 30 a night and have 12 assists, he’s a pure gamer. 
Now I have said some rather mean words about Westbrook in the past. But with the possibility of him being a Celtic gets me excited. I take back basically everything I said about him with just this idea that he could be in the green and white. He has the skill, the poise and the finesse to make a team go from good to great. 

So who would we have to move to get this young fella to the Garden? Well the first name has to be Marcus Smart. One reason is because Russ has shown disdain for Marcus in the past, don’t want that dislike getting into the locker room. I’d also say you would have to throw James Young in there. Young may never see the minutes he thinks he should have as a Celtic. He is the piece that OKC would insist on adding in on the deal. Lastly a pick would be involved, possibly a Brooklyn pick or maybe the original team pick. I’m sending that pick to OKC, just helps the cause. 

If we get the deal done, praise be to Danny Ainge. He would get higher praise if he is able to get Russ to sign an extension. With the potential the team has and the Celtics lineage, I can’t see how he doesn’t. Offer him the max deal and tell him you are “The Franchise”(no not a Shane Douglas impersonator). 

We play the waiting game now folks. Patience is a virtue, something Celtics fans normally have none of, but now we need it and need it big time. Get the job done Danny. 

Resilient Celtics Claw Back Into First Round Series With Game 5 on the Line Tonight 

After falling down 0-2 in the first two games of the 2016 NBA playoffs in Atlanta, the Boston Celtics have clawed their way back to tie the series at a two games a piece. The situation seemed dire as the C’s looked just downright awful in the opening games of the first round. They could not seem to bury open shots, turned the ball over, and allowed the Hawks to get to the basket with ease. To make matters worse, injuries to starting shooting guard Avery Bradley and key bench Center Kelly Olynyk took a huge toll on the Celtics rotation. Many people believed that the Boston run would come to a very early end, but once again the Celtics were able to silence to doubters. 

Two games back in Boston were just what the Celtics needed and they took advantage of playing on their home court in a big way. Game 3 proved to be the Isaiah Thomas show where the NBA all star dropped a career high 42 points en route to the Celtics first playoff win since 2012. Game 4 quickly turned into the Paul Millsap show as the forward for the Hawks seemed unstoppable, putting in 45 points. The resilient Celtics found their answers down the stretch, however, and were able to stifle the big man just enough to end up with a nine point victory to even the series at 2-2. 


The first round series has been a battle so far and it has shown no signs of slowing down. Now tonight comes a pivotal Game 5 in Atlanta where the winner will be one win away from advancing the the Eastern Conference Semifinals to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. This game is especially important for the Celtics, who have struggled miserably on the road against the Atlanta Hawks this season and in this series. A road team has yet to win a game in this series, so a statement win on the road in Atlanta would be huge for the Celtics momentum. 

Once again, the Celtics have overcome adversity to give themselves a chance at success. If the Celtics win tonight, then my pre-series prediction can still hold true with Boston winning in six games, but a loss would force them to have to win in seven. Anything can happen and I guess that is why they play the game my friends.  

Celtics in 6. 

The Persistent Celtics Have Their Backs Against The Wall Once Again 


The Celtics are back in the playoffs once again after another successful season. The rebuild is way ahead of schedule in Boston as the Celtics are the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference and that seed could’ve easily gone up to number 3 if the Celtics got a few lucky bounces, but a 5 seed in the East is nothing to be disappointed about. The Green and White are only three years removed from the blockbuster Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade to the Brooklyn Nets and the C’s are already overachieving on their expectations. A team that many believed would be out of the playoffs and in the lottery for many years to come is now poised to make some noise in the postseason.


This Celtics team is one of the most fascinating teams we have seen in sports for quite some time. Boston seems to be the location of the island of misfit toys for NBA players that are able to re-energize their careers and join a team of grinders that outwork the competition night in and night out. This has been the mantra for the Celtics throughout the season and they look to continue this trend in the postseason.


 Now, here we sit, down 0-1 in the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. On the road, losing their starting shooting guard, Avery Bradley, in Game 1, a banged up shoulder for Kelly Olynyk, and an Atlanta Hawks team that has won 4 out of the 5 games they have played against the Celtics this season. How could the Celtics face more adversity than this?

I don’t know if the could if they tried, but if there’s one team that can get through this type of adversity, then it’s the Boston Celtics. This is a team that never quits and even when they seem down and out, they always find a way back into the game. I expect nothing different for the rest of the series against the Atlanta Hawks. This series will be a tough one, going 6 or 7 games, but a series that I expect the Celtics to win. They will find a way and show their resilience to finally win a series after the Big 3 Era.   

Celtics in 6.


Green Heart

This season has been quite memorable for the Boston Celtics so far. This team has proven to have miles and miles of heart. Something that plenty of teams around the NBA really no nothing about, and that’s actually saying something. We have a core group of guys that really have meshed well together all season. Thomas, Smart and Crowder are the big 3 now, and well they may not seem like it but they have been there. But who else is there that’s been a shiner this season.

I will say it; I am not a fan of Avery Bradley. Bradley from time to time has really bothered me, he seems like he isn’t totally there all the time. But this season, it seems like Bradley and I have become the best of pals. Bradley has hit some of the season’s biggest shots, and had one of the biggest blocks against Gordon Hayward a few nights back. This guy’s defensive prowess will have to be big in any game, especially with Toronto, Miami or Cleveland.

E.T. has found a home and that home is Boston. A guy who I absolutely loved out of THE Ohio State University, Evan Turner has proved to be a top 6th man in the league. I would be shocked and dismayed if this fella doesn’t win 6th man of the year award. He is really becoming a mainstay in the rotation. It will be interesting to see what Danny decides to do with him in the offseason.

Jared Sullinger, at Ohio State, was one of my favorite players in the NCAA. He plays hard and he plays with an attitude. The attitude that seems to finally be back to fruition with all the big names finally out of Boston. Sully has proven to be an inconsistent force down low, but when he gets his head into the game, he’s unstoppable. He’s also a free agent this offseason, so he is another that I would like to know about sooner than later.

I will say it now, within the next year, Jordan Mickey will be one of the better players in the post in all of basketball. From the small sample size of this kid, I really like what I am seeing. Many are saying the Celts stole him in the second round. This kid has the raw potential to be in the starting role next season, and I think we have a superstar on our hands.

This season has been filled with its ups and its downs this season my friends. But with the three I named, the big three that we have, and another cast of character, I think we have a solid run in us. Hey, don’t let the Celtics win multiple games in this postseason. If they get Cleveland in the ECF, watch out LeBron, we are coming for you.