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David Pastrnak: The Bruins Big Star

Years ago, Bruins fans were pained by the trade of Tyler Seguin, a trade that we still question to this day. Making us all wonder if Peter Chiarelli really knew what he was doing. Chiarelli drafted a kid from the Czech Republic named David Pastrnak. A kid with some sweet hands and endless amount of talent. But many believed that he may not crack the top 6 or even amount to anything. Well those people were flat out wrong.

Pastrnak has been a strong player for the Bruins when in the lineup this season. He actually sits in third in goals with 9 this season. Including the game-tying power-play goal the other night up at Bell Centre in Montreal. So can we finally give Peter Chiarelli credit for something he did right in the draft?

I think we can, and we may even owe Chiarelli an apology. The Seguin trade happened before Pastrnak was even a thought, you can’t fault him there. And this kid looks like a steal for the 25th pick in that draft. Call him a steal or call him a bargain, Pastrnak is on pace for 35-40 goals this season and that has me super excited. Joe Thornton like numbers, and we haven’t had a goal scorer like Jumbo Joe in a number of years.

What we need out of the kid they call “Pasta” is healthiness. Last season, Pastrnak was plagued by a foot/ankle injury. If he can stay away from the doctors office, he is bound to be one of the next superstars in the NHL.

Chiarelli can be credited for finding that piece for the Bergeron-Marchand line. This kid at times takes the pressure off that dynamic duo, leading to some epic moments late in games. If he keeps it up, the dynamic duo will become a tremendous trio.

So Perry Chiarelli wasn’t such a moron after all. Yes, that boneheaded trade, but he is in Edmonton ruining things there now. So we have to worry about Don Sweeney moving Pasta, and if he does I will personally have a vendetta against him. But let’s be real, we have something incredible in Pastrnak. And he’s ONLY 20 YEARS OLD. Yes, he’s only 20, we have this kid for plenty of more time left in Boston. Let’s get ready for some fun folks, David Pastrnak is going to be leading the way.


Bruins Battle Back In Home Opener

We have learned two things through four games this season with the Boston Bruins. First thing is that they like to play from behind. In each of their four contests they have played from behind in. And the second thing is that they are undefeated with Patrice Bergeron in the lineup. The Bruins are 1-0 with Bergeron in the lineup thus far this season, with number 37 scoring the game winner in his first game back for his “lower body injury. The B’s looked pretty darn good last night against the pesky New Jersey Devils. So lets here we go, time for a recap.


Through two periods, we had an old time hockey game with no score. The best chance was likely the back door feed to Taylor Hall. All Hall needed to do was bear down on his stick and he has a tap in. But he didn’t, and his tap in went wide, Zdeno Chara was coming in hot but that is a goal Hall HAS to have. The B’s best early chance came on the power play, when Patrice Bergeron walked in from the wing and clanged one off the pipe. A tough break for the Bruins in the second that could have majorly swung momentum in Boston’s favor.

The Bruins went down 1-0 early in the third stanza after a Power-Play goal by Devils forward Kyle Palmeri. Palmeri was a 30 goal scorer last season for New Jersey, and with the addition of Taylor Hall, Palmeri will have to be a force on the opposite side of Hall on the top line. Palmeri’s goal to break the ice came about 4 minutes into the third, and was redirected by Bruin’s rookie d-man Brandon Carlo.


Brad Marchand got the Bruins on the board half way through the third on a superstar style coast to coast like play. Marchand carried the puck into the New Jersey zone, took a shot through a Devil’s d-man’s legs and the shot went upstairs on Cory Schneider. Marchand continues to be one of the best players on the Bruins. 63 is second on the team with 3 goals and leads the team with 9 points(Pastrnak also with 9). Who assisted on the goal? Well that would be the young stud David Pastrnak. Pastrnak tapped a pass to set up the whole play for Marchand, I really love watching these two on the same line. Lets hope Julien doesn’t take Pasta off this line.

Then in his first tilt of the season, Patrice Bergeron nets his first goal of the season, and its of the clutch variety. Brad Marchand found Patrice Bergeron in the high slot to give the Bruins the ultimate game winner. Marchand gets his league high tying 6th assist, I will say it again Marchand is a superstar. But the goal came from the stick from Bergeron, who will score probably 25 more of these style goals this season. This style of goal is the equivalent to the Ovi face-off circle one-timer, Bergeron has wrote the book on scoring these types of goals.


Tuukka Rask improves to 3-o on this young season. There was a scary moment in the second when he was seen grimacing after making a stop. Jack Edwards had said it looked like he fell funky on his knee. I’m no doctor and I will never be a doctor, but a goalie having a knee injury is never good. That is something we will all have to watch going forward.


I still look for more out of Danton Heinen. Heinen was thrown on the power play and looked alright. But I feel like he lacks the killer instinct that some young rookies have. I could see Julien sitting Heinen on Saturday night for Ryan Spooner. This kid will most likely go down to Providence when Frank Vatrano comes back. But for now, I just want to see more out of him, he needs to really harness the fact that he’s playing with David Krecji. Krecji is one of the best passers in the game, and if you cannot figure it out playing with him, then in my opinion you shouldn’t be in the league.

We get the newest chapter in the Bruins-Habs rivalry. Just writing Habs makes me mad, I have a strong disdain for that team. We go forward in the rivalry without old foe PK Subban. I for one am glad hes in Nashville, why you ask? I like Subban and I can finally admit that, thank god I was able to get that out. Shea Weber takes his spot, and he is a guy I have never liked. So the hate can be transferred.

So until next week Bruins fans. B’s in 1.

Bruins Cup Contenders?

4 out of a possible 6 points are what the Boston Bruins will be bringing home to the TD Garden after their opening road trip. Wins in Winnipeg and Columbus, and a rough loss to Toronto to start off are alright with me. But now you are probably saying why are you happy with a 2 win and 1 loss opening record?

My major reason that I am happy with all of this is the Bruins got the wins without their future captain. For those scoring at home, that future captain is Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron has missed the opening 3 contests and has been, if not the best, one of the best players on the Bruins. He is a habitual Selke Award finalist and is a force in every facet of the game. Without Bergeron on the ice, there is seemingly a hole in the lineup, but the Bruins were able to make-do with the lineup they had.


The youth movement has been even more sprung forward with multiple additions to the front and back ends. A guy I am super impressed with is Brandon Carlo. Carlo is just 19, but stands at 6 foot 5 inches and 200 lbs. He is at a league leading +7, for a rookie that is pretty darn good. I really think Carlo is the next big thing for defense in the league, and if they are to position him right they can really harness his abilities. Having him play under the wing of Zdeno Chara is something that Claude did right. Have the captain teach his protege the ropes and have him learn a bit on his own. Carlo is the next coming folks, and we are going to bear witness to it.


Youth on the front end needs some work, but I am confident in them gaining their own ground. Austin Czarnik is stuck with the immovable object(Jimmy Hayes) on his line right now. Once Cznarik is put or given a decent linemate, then I think we could see some major improvement. For Danton Heinen, I think he is poised to break out in the home opener. I think it would be a MASSIVE mistake to take him off the Krecji and Spooner line. Krecji could be a massive facilitator for him. I honestly don’t know too much about Tim Schaller, but with an assist in a game, is something I can really get used to.

Dominic Moore and Riley Nash could be major players on that fourth line. They are not quite like that “Merlot Line”(Thornton-Campbell-Paille) we saw. But I think if they are out on the ice in big moments they could really contribute. Moore did it last night with a goal 19 seconds after Blake Wheeler broke the ice. If you have time, look up Dominic Moore, he has a story everyone should hear. Maybe this is where you plug in Czarnik, if they play well with him, this could be a hybrid version of that line we saw a few years back.


Now for the big guns. Am I confident in the playing of Marchand, Pastrnak and Backes? Oh yes I am. But they have only played together this season. So with the return of Bergeron could be something interesting. You break the three of them up, now you probably have Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak. Then I think you could drop Backes down to play with Belesky and Hayes for the time being. Or you have him play wing with Krecji, an option that I think should take priority.

Tuukka has to be on a Vezina style game. Plain and simple he cannot be stuck in the middle of the pack. He has to be the rock in the crease. Khudobin has to be a credible backup like he once was. They can be a successful duo, they just need to be successful.

They have the tools for success, they just need to harness them. I think they’re a playoff team through the power of positivity. Go Bruins.

Failure Again, Pain And Simple

Hall and Oates once played a song entitled “She’s Gone”. Like the woman in that song, the Bruins playoff chances are gone. A season of ups and downs finished Saturday with an embarrassing 6-1 defeat to Ottawa. Let the anger and depression set in.

I place a lot of the blame on the front office, NOT coaching. Don Sweeney came in and said things would change. He made those changes at the draft, but not at the deadline. That’s a big mistake in my eyes, you had the chance to pick up a top 4 d-man, and you blew it. You got John-Michael Lilles, but that wasn’t nearly enough. Stempniak was also an alright pick up, but again didn’t make the right moves.

I will say it, Saturday’s loss cannot be put on Julien. It’s not his fault that the Bruins looked uninspired during the 2nd and 3rd stanzas. He did his job, but sadly it may be time to move on from Claude. It’ll be a huge mistake, but what else is new.

Thursday, we all thought Boston was in and had control over their own destiny. Well we were all totally wrong. They didn’t and it showed the flaw in the system. Doesn’t make sense to anyone that head to head isn’t the first tie-breaker. Just a big fat complaint that I’ve had with the system for years, needs to change. But that wasn’t the problem in the end.

The defense flat out stunk on Saturday. Sweeney needs to sit down and figure out the problem. Chara and Seidenberg need to step away, retire or be moved. Kevan Miller is awful, kid had promise a few years back. That all changed with the injury, he hasn’t been the same. Krug and McQuaid are too inconsistent, if they want to be the top pairing they need to do something. I’ll say I really like what I am seeing in Colin Miller, Zach Trotman and Joe Morrow. These 3 are going to be top 6 guys in 2-4 years, I’m seeing it.

7 million dollars a year, and Tuukka Rask COULDN’T AFFORD A FLU SHOT!!! I’m not blaming Tuukka for the loss. But not having him killed the Bruins. I love Tuukka Rask, and I think he is the guy to be in that net. He’s a top 5 goalie in the NHL. Rask needs to step up next season and in a big way. Not mad Tuukka, I’m just disappointed.

Rookies are coming up next year, and vets are on their way out.  It’s time for a youth movement in Boston. Griffith, Czarnik, Vatrano, Zboril, Senshyn and whoever else we can get up here. Get the young bloods in the lineup. Lets get speed with Krecji and Bergy. I’m telling you that will aid their career numbers if they had young guys next to them. Look at when Pasta and Krecji played together, young guy and a seasoned vet. Dynamic, that’s what we need to do.

Well I’m hopping on the Blackhawk bandwagon again. Lots of fun last time around and well might as well go there again. But we got a few months till the draft, and a lotto pick. Lets hope we make something out of it.

Bruins Homegrown Hopeful

The Bruins have 5 games left in this year’s campaign and somehow they may still miss out on the playoffs. So you are probably saying “here comes another piece about the B’s postseason push”. I have no interest in that, well for right now I don’t. But I do have interest in Bruin news that broke early yesterday.

Jimmy Vesey is a local kid who played at Harvard for the past few years. Vesey is out of North Reading, MA and played hockey at Belmont Hill and the South Shore Kings before heading to Cambridge. Vesey is a good sized kid, and has the credentials to one day be a second or third line player in the NHL. The kid notched 24 goals and 22 assists last season as the Captain for Harvard. Vesey was a piece that helped lead the Crimson to an NCAA tournament berth.

So you may be saying now, “Ok this kid can play but what does it all have to do with the Bruins?” Here what they have in common. Vesey earlier this week stated that he will test free agency and not sign with Nashville. The Predators drafted him in round 2 back in 2012, but had him stay in college for developmental reasons. But now Vesey wants no part of Nashville and has told them he will be testing free agency. So what’s his number 1 destination? That’s right; he wants to come to Boston.

It makes sense for the kid to come here. He from around the area and knows that Boston is a hockey city. Now he can change his mind and sign elsewhere, but all signs point to Vesey coming to Boston in the summer. If they do get Vesey, that’s just another established player to add to the ranks. If they are smart, Vesey should start in Providence next season, hopefully with some of last season’s draft picks.

Now this news spurs the draft interest a bit more now. With this future signing, Don Sweeney may now be looking at a deal of draft picks. Maybe package these picks for an established defenseman like Justin Faulk from Carolina. The Bruins have the pick from the Sharks and their own, but those picks could be in the late teens to mid-twenties. But I can’t see a team passing up multiple picks for defensemen, especially Carolina. But hey that’s just what I would like to see in the near future.

For now we have a major name from the NCAA linked to next year’s Bruins team. Hopefully they throw him on one of the top lines in Providence with Accari or some of the new faces. But Vesey coming to Boston could be the steal of the rookie offseason. A kid from Boston once again playing for the hometown club, have you ever heard of such a thing?

Eagles Moving And Grooving

Wow what a couple days in Eagle football, trades and signings galore. Looks like the Doug Pederson regime is starting off pretty strong. But is Doug letting Howie Roseman have too much of the power in the GM booth? I am not sure but let’s look at what has happened thus far.

First move made was the trade of Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso and the 14th pick to Miami. In return the Birds will now get the 8th pick, which brings in to the idea who are they taking. But that’s a topic for another day. With that trade Miami is absorbing the entire Maxwell contract. That contract is a hefty one too, and it’s a contract for a number 1 corner, and he is no number 1 corner. Kiko could have stayed but with Jordan Hicks returning and Najee Goode having a good end of the season, I am ok with the move.

Next move made was bringing in Leodis McKelvin. This guy can flat out play, he knows the Jim Schwartz system and has proven to be a top CB in the league. I will say he is better than Maxwell and is a big step up in the secondary. A secondary that has a returning Malcolm Jenkins. If McKelvin can start up where he left off last season, I am sure this Eagle defense will be looking good in that division.

Rodney McCloud Jr is a name that is new to me. He was the Safety that Roseman brought in from the Rams. Let me say this about the 25 year old, he can lower the boom. Just ask Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders, he will definitely tell you that. McCloud has a lot of potential, and working alongside Jenkins can only help this kid. I am anxious to see how he fits into this system and how he will fit in the NFC East.

It was only a matter of time before Chase Daniel signed to Philly. He is Doug Pederson’s prototypical QB, and rightfully so. I have a lot of faith in this guy as an able bodied backup. He was really good at Mizzou back in the day and can sling the ball like the best. If Bradford goes down, I will be ready for Chase Daniel to do his thing.

So all that’s left is the trade of DeMarco Murray, I am very indifferent about trading Murray but hey if he doesn’t want to be here let him go. No need to have a guy pissed off all the time and not wanting to play here. So let him go to Tennessee and light it up. I have nothing against the guy, its really Chip Kelly’s fault that he wanted out of here. He didn’t know how to use a premier back in the league and now hes gone.

We got a few weeks till the draft, and I am excited. Lots of optimism in the Eagle world for me this time of year. A new coach means a fresh new start. And a fresh start is what this franchise needs, I am not saying we are winning the SB next year, but hey I’ll take a 10-6 or something like that. Until then as the old adage goes, Fly Eagles Fly

Belief In The Bruins

Last night the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning played an absolute thriller of a hockey game. And once again proved you don’t need 9 goals to have fun in hockey. For the Bruins, they sit tied for first with Tampa with a game in hand. Let me say this, besides me, did anyone expect that the Black and Gold to be in this position? I’ll answer that for you…NO. Bruins fan have come together at this time of the year and found that team can do things; they aren’t a stick in the mud. And let me say its all coming together at the perfect time.

With 14 games to go in the season, the Bruins will face a playoff caliber team in at least 10 of those tilts. Three of which will feature them going out to the west coast or to the city of the broad shoulders. Yes, you read that right, there is games left with LA, Anaheim and Chicago this season. 3 teams that are of the highest caliber in the league, I will say the B’s will need to win at least 2 of those games, and no they are not in a row. The west coast trip starts in San Jose, that where the winning needs to really begin.

But before we go out west we get a two game home stand. Games with the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders make up that two gamer. Carolina is on the outside looking in, they will easily be coming out flying. But after trading Eric Staal, the Canes, in my opinion, are hurting. Yes, in their last game they beat Ottawa, but the Sens are awful this year so I don’t really take that W into account. You can help put Carolina to bed with a win tomorrow night. The Islanders are in the postseason, barring any sort of collapse, so this is a good matchup for the Bruins. That game and that team will bring the playoff atmosphere, so you will have to bring it.

This team has yet to drop a regulation game since the deadline. Which is something that I love, you are getting at least a point out of every game and you need to do that. I really want that second seed in the division. I think we match up well with Florida, and could really take it to them in a first round series. I think it is vital that we don’t slip to the bottom seed. We don’t want Washington, until at the conference final. We really cannot afford to take them on, that team is on a mission right now, and the only way to derail them is by beating them in the ECF.

There are a lot of guys to look at but the two who are playing the best are Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron. This dynamic duo is having a season for them, and I would be shocked if Bergeron isn’t a Hart Trophy finalist as well as a Selke Finalist. Marchand scored the winner last night on a slick back door feed from Bergeron. These two with Lee Stempniak have become a line to watch in the league.

I have been high up on this team since the start of the season. I really believe they are poised to make a run deep into the postseason. Claude Julien and company are looking like icons right now, and I love every second of it. So as I close off this post, I will say it, B’s in 1.