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A Different Style of Fab Five

Oh hey B’ship readers, what is going on? Haven’t spoken in a while. So, if you’re ready, I have some hot fire for you. Coming in the form of a college basketball question. I saw this on Twitter and decided to write something up about it. The question was “Who are the top 5 college basketball players, you have ever watched?” This is disregarding their pro career, and this is all personal preference. I really thought long and hard about this. I came up with 5 guys, that I think were total game-breakers. And I implore you to talk about this with your friends, this is a great discussion point.

Now the way I define a game-breaker or a stud is how they impact a game in my eyes. I am a fan of the flash and the fun. The rings they won are also thrown in there as well for a couple of these guys. Like I said earlier, this is a personal preference thing. These are my guys, and this does not define everyone’s 5. Also last disclaimer before I head into this, these guys are in a 1-5 ranking, I am just saying this is who is in my top 5, I am not ranking 1 higher than another. So let’s get down to it.

  • Tyler Hansbrough, Forward UNC- Let me tell you this, when he was at Carolina, I was a huge fan of Hansbrough. The kid known as Psycho-T was an absolute gamer, he was a Player of the Year, a 3 time All American and oh yeah an NCAA Champ. He averaged at least 18 a night for every season and his career high in averages was like 22. A four-year Tar-Heel too, something you don’t see nowadays. I remember when he took the elbow from Gerald Henderson and wore the mask. Kid was a warrior, and would put him my top 5 every day and twice on Sundays.


  • Tyrese Rice, Guard Boston College- You want to talk about grit, determination and spunk? Then you want to throw this man’s name in the conversation. My favorite memory of Rice was the 46 he dropped against UNC at Conte Forum. The Eagles dropped the game, but the name Tyrese Rice went onto become a legend at BC. I believe the next season Rice and the Eagles went on to defeat both Carolina and Duke. Easily a name worthy of the top 5 conversation.


  • Kemba Walker, PG UConn- Kemba Walker, aka Cardiac Kemba, is arguably a top 5 college player of all time. Don’t think so? Well then check out the 2011 Big East Tournament then the NCAA tournament, then you will be in awe at Walker’s performances. Walker and the Huskies went on an improbable run, winning every game from the Big East Tournament until the National Title game. Walker played in all 41 games that season, averaging 23 points a night. This guy is one of my favorite players to this day. Oh and he’s an ankle breaker too, just ask Steven Adams.


  • Gerry McNamara, Guard Syracuse- Once known as the “Most Overrated Player” in the Big East, in my eyes McNamara was never overrated. As a freshman, along with Carmelo Anthony, he hit 6 first half threes and led the Orange to a title. Two out of his four seasons at ‘Cuse had Big East championships involved in them, those teams didn’t have Carmelo, so you could say he did a pretty good job there. His senior year may have ended earlier than expected, due to a leg injury and an early tourney loss to Texas A&M, but he could play. I still remember when I would say “McNamara for 3…GOT IT” in the drive-way playing pickup. He will never not be in my top 5.


  • John Wall, PG Kentucky- I remember this vividly, the 2009 matchup of Kemba Walker vs John Wall, Wall was covered by Walker most of the night. Wall dropped 25 that night, and Kentucky won that game by 3. I always think we were robbed of a rematch, as Wall went to the draft earlier. But one of the most prolific players I have ever seen. Wall led the way for I would say 89% of the Kentucky season, and was stopped by Joe Mazzulla and the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. But man, could this kid drove to the rack, I still watch highlights of Wall at Kentucky and think it was too right for him to go 1st overall in the draft that year.

That’s my five. You have a certain 5? Let me know, leave a comment in the comment section or leave a comment on the link on Facebook. I could never rank these guys, even though some played each other, it’s too tough to really make the decision. So with that I say good day, and keep being handsome.


Chanticleer Cinderalla 

Delays, controversy, adversity, resiliency and anarchy. Those are five words that can be used for the College World Series finale. We had a winner out of Conway, South Carolina, their name is the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. A frantic and dramatic 4-3 victory over Arizona clinched the CWS for them. 

Andrew Beckwith is the winning pitcher for Coastal. This kid finished the year with a 15-1 record, let me say it for you….WOW. For a kid to do that these days is unreal, something we may not see ever again. Oh wait maybe we will he will be back next season. An undrafted Junior, Beckwith will be the ace of the Chants staff next season as well. 

One of the plays of the game was on an ball up the middle hit by Zach Remillard. Arizona infielder Cody Ramer struggled fielding it and then tried to get the Coastal runner at third, he overthrew it there. Those two errors cost the Wildcats two runs.

The next batter, as Karl Ravech called him, “The Carolina Kid” GK Young. Young hit an absolute moonshot off the Arizona pitcher Bobby Dahlbec, giving the Chants a 4-0 lead. Absolutely pounded the ball to right field, and let me tell you the ball may not have landed yet. 

Arizona, in true Wildcat fashion, clawed their way back. Scoring 2 in the 6th, chasing Beckwith away. But just couldn’t get anything again till the 9th. Scoring 1 more run with 2 down. But in the end it was just a little too late. 

Alex Cunningham gets his first career save striking out the final batter preserving the CWS for Coastal. Let me say his celly for the finish was just about killer. Cunningham, a Junior was expected to pitch, but came in and did his job.

Coastal gets their first Natty in school history. Arizona gets the old tip of the cap. That team was fun to watch and full of life, they’ll be back trust me they will. But this day belongs to the Chanticleers. 
With this, it gives us the end of the college sports season. And what a way to end it, if you missed a moment then shame on you. The CWS, in my opinion, is just as exciting as March Madness. These kids work their tails off, they don’t get the TV time or the recognition. But you know what? They don’t care, they go out and they get the job done. Something that I really, really respect. 

Now I start my new tradition. I will be buying a hat for the champion of the CWS for the next 5-6 years. Should be a good collection. If there is a repeat champ, I will buy the runner up, pretty good idea if you ask me. 

Drafting A QB

The NFL season is over; well I mean for right now it is. Tuesday was the last possible day to franchise tag players. This also in turn means that the combine and the draft are right around the corner. There are a few good quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, which have teams wondering if one of them could be their franchise guy. Especially Cleveland, well they need a guy at about every position if they want to be considered a credible franchise.

The first prospect that we will take note of is Jared Goff from Cal. Goff was a highly touted prospect before the college season began. But like most Cal QBs he kind of faded away and didn’t really impress us, well at least not me for that matter. Is he talented? You bet he is. But I am unsure if he will be able to get it done on the next level. Mike Mayock has this kid as the number 2 rated QB, I totally disagree, this kid has potential but he can hit rock bottom just like that.

Next guy up is an FCS QB out of North Dakota State, yes you read that right and no I am not joking. Carson Wentz in my eyes has the potential to be like Joe Flacco, a consistent QB who gets his ring sooner than later. This should be the first QB off the board in this year’s draft. Why? Hes a proven winner, that’s all he did at NDSU. This kid played in a pro-style offense is ready to start immediately, please oh please let’s hope he doesn’t land in Cleveland or Dallas. Those two teams could ruin this thoroughbred talent.

Now Memphis is known for guys like Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, but now they may be known as a school with a QB drafted in round 1. Paxton Lynch is a kid a lot of people are underselling because of what is being called “bad footwork”. Something that is easily fixable if he lands with the right team and coach. Lynch may be the answer for a team like the Eagles and new coach Doug Pederson, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

What is there to say about Connor Cook? He was a big time winner as a Michigan State Spartan and is a very good quarterback. But what he lacks is in his passing accuracy, that something that will really hurt Cooks draft stock. But Cook is a big body and can easily take a hit, he played in the BIG 10 and had to face Stanford, this kid can take a hit trust me. Cook could be taken before Lynch and Lynch could be taken before Cook, it’s as simple as that.

A guy who is totally being undersold is former Mississippi State Bulldog Dak Prescott. This kid showed the world that he could flat out play in a stacked SEC. He impressed at the Senior Bowl, but what hurts him is he is being viewed as Tebow 2.0.Thats something that could really hurt him in the long run, but I think if you take the chance with Dak, you are definitely taking a good chance. He is easily a better thrower than Tebow ever was, advantage Mr. Prescott.

Names to watch are Kevin Hogan, Cardale Jones and Christian Hackenberg. These 3 were guys to watch going into last season, especially Jones, but weren’t as effective. Hogan is one who I am very high up on because of his winning history at Stanford. I like his potential and could easily be a quality backup. For Hackenberg, he may have been a Heisman finalist if he had an o-line, Penn State was that bad on that front. Maybe if his receivers didn’t drop passes, Hackenberg would be a second round talent. Lastly with Jones, this kid had 4 good games, I don’t see why everyone thought he was a stud in the first place, he’s got a lot of maturing to do.

The draft is one of the best events of the year. I cannot wait for Gruden, Kiper and McShay all on the same panel or in the same vicinity, especially Gruden, he doesn’t like Kiper and he makes it show. We are only a few weeks away from hearing Goddell get booed and Jets fans booing they’re pick, oh boy I can’t wait.

‘Tis The Bowl Season

Four teams, three games, two days and 1 champion. The college football playoff will begin soon and there are four teams vying for the crown of champion. Let’s look at how they got there.

Sitting at number 4 is the Oklahoma Sooners. Baker Mayfield didn’t quite make the Heisman finalist list, but I think he’s ok with a final 4 berth. The Big 12 champs got away without playing a conference title game. So they got an additional day to rest up, they have to love that. They have a tough one ahead.

At Number 3 are the men from Sparty, the Michigan State Spartans. A 9 minute drive that resulted in a TD won them the Big 10 crown over Iowa. Running the football is their bread and butter. But a healthy Connor Cook would help as well. A stout defense rounds this team off, they are looking at the SEC Champs.

Coming in at 2 is the SEC Champs, the Alabama Crimson Tide. This is the second straight playoff appearance for Coach Saban and the Tide. Derrick Henry and Jake Coker are unbelievable offensive weapons. Along with the second straight appearance, it’s their second straight playoff game against a Big 10 opponent. They’ll look to be better this time around after losing to Ohio State last season. They’ll match up well with MSU.

And number 1 is coach Dabo and Clemson. The “BYOG” or “Bring Your Own Guts” factor was huge in the controversial win over UNC. But the Tigers remained unbeaten and have a great QB in Deshaun Watson. Watson is a Heisman finalist and will look to have a day against Oklahoma. Clemson is a tough team with a lot of heart; they’ll be a tough team to beat.

Before I go into the playoff picks, here are a couple interesting games. Stanford and Iowa will play each other in the Rose Bowl. A battle of two teams with a superstar QB, Kevin Hogan from Stanford and CJ Beathard from Iowa. Don’t forget about Christian McCaffrey, the sophomore RB from Stanford. This game will be arguably the showstopper of the entire bowl season.

Notre Dame and Ohio State will meet in the Fiesta Bowl. It should be an interesting matchup, coaching and Quarterback wise. But the x-factor is the defensive star is Joey Bosa, a kid who could go 1 in next year’s draft. I really am torn at who could win this game, mainly because it’s so unpredictable especially when Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly meet.

I really like Clemson over Oklahoma and Michigan State over Bama. I think Clemson game is high scoring and fast paced. MSU and Bama have a ground and pound style of game, with Sparty coming out in the end. The finale? I got to go with the unbeaten. If Cook is healthy it’s an interesting matchup. I think Watson is too good for MSU to stop.

Hoping For Heisman

This years Heisman Trophy race was thought to be won weeks and weeks ago. But with the arrival of new names and the downfall of one. That race doesn’t seem so clear cut any more. Especially with the number of additions there has been to the list over the past month or so. So let’s get down to the guys who have a shot at this illustrious trophy.

Derrick Henry has come on strong over the last month. He upstaged Leonard Fournette earlier this season, and just recently out gained the entire Auburn offense. Henry is a guy a lot of NFL teams will look at and lick their chops. Yes he’s a pro typical Alabama back like Eddie Lacy and Trent Richardson. He could be the favorite right now to take home the trophy.

Speaking of Leonard Fournette, we all said he was the winner through about mid-October. But since then, he almost fell off the face of the earth. It’s not Fournettes fault, LSU’s offense has pretty much run dry. Fournette is still very much in the running.

Christian McCaffrey has in my opinion come out of nowhere. The Stanford product has shown he has the stuff to really win the crown. Son of former NFL star Ed McCaffrey, this kid proved against Notre Dame his talent is no joke. He needs a big Pac-12 title game to have a shot at winning it.

Deshaun Watson, I think is the dark horse of the race. A lot of people really haven’t recognized what Watson has done this season. And I for one would love to see Clemson QB perhaps steal this. The last two weeks, Foster has almost stolen the show with epic performances. He could steal it with a big performance against a stout North Carolina defense in the ACC title game.

Now a name not getting recognition is Baker Mayfield. The Oklahoma quarterback has come on strong with great performances in big games. What hurts is the second half concussion against TCU. If he played that entire game then he’s even higher on the list. Mayfield will be making money on Sunday’s soon, but no Big 12 title game in my eyes really hurts him. He doesn’t have the extra game that Watson, Henry and McCaffrey have.

The biggest long shots are Trevone Boykin and Corey Coleman. Coleman is the best WR in the game but won’t see the light because of his position. Boykin basically fell off due to injury and consistency all season long.

A name that would have been there if he wasn’t to get dismissed from his team was Will Grier. The Florida QB was having a stellar year until his dismissal. Really stinks that we lost his talent. He could have really had a showdown with Henry in the SEC title game.

One other name that could have made the list was Nick Chubb. Chubb was having an unreal season but due to a terrible knee injury, he was sidelined for the year. Chubb was an unreal running talent for Georgia, his loss derailed the Bulldogs. Hopefully Chubb is back next year.

Who do I want to win? I would really like to see Watson take it home. But he needs to WOW the voters against Carolina. The favorite is Henry, it’s almost in his grasps. It’s too bad Fournette dropped off but he will be back next year. But don’t count out McCaffrey, he could steal the show. It’s really going to be a wild finale to the Heisman race.

Ball Don’t Lie

We may only be a few games in the college basketball season, but sparks are already flying. Upsets and superstars have been formed. Lets take a closer look at who and what’s happened.

Number 1 has already been upset by a mid-major. North Carolina traveled to take on North Iowa and left with the loss. Carolina layed an egg against the boys from UNI. No Marcus Paige and a Wes Washpun on fire is what did the Tar Heels in. A 29-8 run over a 12 minute span is what fueled the Panthers. Tough loss for the Heels, huge win for the Panthers.

Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner. I’m not afraid to say it in the least. After last years title game performance we were given just a glimpse of the superstardom of Allen. He went off against Georgetown for 32 in the 2K Classic.  He also became the first player since JJ Reddick to score 30 in back to back games. Did I say he was 20? Yeah he’s only 20, Coach K has himself his next horse for the next few years.

Maryland is a scary team. Jake Layman and Melo Trimble are two names who could take this year over. Trimble can slash defenses, and Layman can do it all, from the outside, from the inside and on defense. The transfer Rasheed Sulaimon has been huge addition, not only a solid defender but can shoot from the outside. Diamond Stone could be freshman player of the year, and has the best name in all of basketball.

Kentucky and Coach Cal, not only opened with a big win against Duke, but proved that freshman can be overwhelming. Isaiah Briscoe is flat out awesome. He will probably be a top 20 pick next year. Tyler Ulis is not slouch either, they should be happy he came back. Alex Poythress, as long as he’s healthy, is a force in the paint. Something you will need against LSU and Ben Simmons later in conference play.

Speaking of Ben Simmons, there’s a lot of talk about him. I’ve heard everything from he’s the next Lebron to he’s best player we’ve seen since Anthony Davis. Lets cool off on that. Yes he’s a very good player, but remember it’s LSU we are talking about here. They’ll struggle down the stretch like they always do. If they don’t then I will eat my words. But Simmons could be the real deal, and should be a top 5-8 pick in the draft. Hint hint, Celtics, hint hint.

But we still have plenty of Dickie V lines left this season. The pandemonium baby!

Preseason 5

Last season, Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils took him the ultimate prize in college basketball. Led by Jahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones, they were able to overcome Frank Kaminsky and Wisconsin. But like all good things, they at one point come to an end. As the month of October slowly winds down, we are graced with our first USA Today Rankings. Let’s get to know the Top 5.

Sitting at number 5 is the Kansas Jayhawks and Coach Bill Self. Coach Self and the Jayhawks dropped a matchup with instate rival Wichita State, a long awaited matchup for any fan of the Shockers. This Jayhawks team will look to veterans in Perry Ellis and Wayne Selden, along with some others to look to make an impact.

Duke comes in at Number 4, what is a top 5 poll without Coach K’s team. Remember Grayson Allen? The unsung hero of the National title game, yeah Coach K has him coming back alongside Matt Jones. Duke also added a number of big time recruit. So surprise surprise, they land inside the top 5 once again. The ACC will be tough, but nothing really surprises us more than a Duke team out of the top 5, and well there is no surprise here.

At Number 3 is the Maryland Terrapins, coached by Mark Turgeon. This Terps team has proved a lot over the past few years, but just came up short in the Tourney last season falling to Bob Huggins and West Virginia. The Terps added 5 star recruit Diamond Stone, as well as former Duke Guard Rasheed Sulaimon. These two should complement Jake Layman and Melo Trimble. I really like this Terps team.

We have co-number 1s, so there is already some controversy among the ranks. Somewhere Dick Vitale is screaming one of his absurd catchphrases.

At one of the top spots are Roy Williams and UNC. The Tarheels are a solid team, led by the outstanding point guard Marcus Paige. Paige, alongside Kennedy Meeks, a strong forward, keeps the Tarheels a strong threat. But they have a number of unproven players making them a risky team to have up so high. I’m unsure about this UNC team, but they did have a good run last year, and Roy Williams knows all about momentum. He and the Heels will be riding it hopefully all next year.

Kentucky and Coach Cal is the final number 1 team. Is this a surprise to anyone at this point? After a disappointing no-title last season. Coach Cal has Marcus Lee, Tyler Ulis, Alex Poythress coming back this season. And I hear this freshman Isiah Briscoe is supposed to be the real deal. But what Kentucky team defined as is unproven. They may have a superstar three down low, especially with Ulis. Only time can tell.

A solid 5 teams are right here, and there are still teams like Iowa State, Virginia and Villanova in the top 5. Those three are also suitable teams but like I always say that’s why we play the game.