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Momentum Swings Propel Patriots over Bengals

Another week, another victory for the New England Patriots, who are now 5-1 on the season and 2-0 since the return of Quarterback Tom Brady. On Sunday, the Patriots were able to capture a 35-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals to retain the top spot in the AFC East, as well as capture the top seed in the entire AFC. The game also marked Brady’s first appearance at Gillette Stadium following his four game suspension, and the star did not disappoint. The crowd was electric in Foxboro on Sunday and it all started with a video montage that featured Brady highlights, pump up music, and a large Gillette Stadium welcome home for Tom Brady. Not only would that rile up the crowd, but the Patriots delivered what would end up to be a convincing victory over a resilient Bengals team.

The game started out slow for New England, with the defense allowing Andy Dalton and A.J. Green to connect all over the field. The Bengals were able to drive fairly easily in the first half, but a key goal line stand for the New England defense would swing the momentum in their favor. Midway through the 2nd quarter, Cincinnati put together a long sixteen play, 89 yard drive that appeared to be leading to a 10-point lead heading towards half time. With their backs against the wall, New England was able to stop Cincinnati on the goal line and force a turnover on downs. The Patriots would eventually convert an eight play, 75 yard touchdown drive that would propel them to a first half lead of 10-7.

It was not exactly smooth sailing for the Patriots in the first half and that trend seemed to continue at the start of the second half. The Bengals received the ball first and drove right down the field for a touchdown to give them the lead once again at 14-10. On the ensuing drive, the Patriots were once again forced to punt after a three and out, with massive pressure being put on Quarterback Tom Brady. It looked as if the Bengals were primed for another long drive to put them up by two scores, but Dont’a Hightower was able to break through the Bengals offensive line and take Quarterback Andy Dalton down for a sack and safety. The play would prove to be a momentum shift for the Patriots and they would not look back, outscoring Cincinnati 25-3 for the remainder of the game.

The game proved to be extremely positive for the Patriots, beating a desperate, under-performing Bengals squad. The offense looked to be getting back into their true form, implementing all their weapons into the game-plan. The defense looked a bit shaky at times, but stayed true to their “bend, don’t break” mentality, not allowing the Bengals into the end-zone very often and limiting star wide receiver A.J. Green. Overall, New England should be pleased with the effort put forth on Sunday and hope to continue their momentum into Week 7 in Pittsburgh against a Ben Roethisberger-less Steelers team.


No Brady, No Gronk, No Problem 

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “No Brady, No Problem”. I felt that the Patriots would be in good shape for the duration of Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension. Last night, the Patriots took their biggest test without Brady, traveling to Arizona for a Week 1 Sunday Night Football prime time matchup with the Cardinals. 

Since 2009, the Patriots have played virtually every down with either Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski, or both on the field. Last night, New England took zero snaps with their two offensive superstars. Even with the lack of Brady and Gronk, the Pats were able to take down one of the top Super Bowl contenders in the NFL by a score of 23-21. 

The big storyline heading into Sunday night was how Brady’s suspension replacement, Jimmy Garoppolo, would fare against a highly talented Arizona defense. The results were better than expected. Garoppolo got off to a flying start, slinging the ball up and down the field on his first drive, ultimately throwing an impressive dime down the left sideline to new Patriots acquisition, Chris Hogan for a 37-yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead. That was Garoppolo’s only touchdown on the night, but Jimmy G was able to lead some great drives that resulted in a LeGarrette Blount touchdown and three field goals to help secure a Patriots win. Jimmy G did have one big fumble that lead to a Cardinals touchdown, but he had a clean game otherwise going 24-33 for 264 yards and a TD. While Garoppolo was impressive in the victory, it would not have been able to be done without help from his teammates. 

One extremely valuable contributor was Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, who showed his toughness and swagger. Edelman was crucial in getting open for the young Quarterback and converting key third downs. Number 11 was able to amass 7 receptions for 66 yards. Along with Edelman, the Patriots receivers as a whole looked solid. Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, and Malcolm Mitchell made some big plays and that was a good sign moving forward. 

Along with the receivers, the running backs and offensive line created a run game that helped alleviate some of the pressure on Garoppolo. Blount was able to run for 70 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown where he carried about 5 Cardinals defenders on his back. James White was surprising as well in the passing game, helping Garoppolo get rid of the ball quickly by heading to the flat. The makeshift offensive line did struggle at times, but overall, they did better than expected in keeping Garoppolo upright. 

Overall, the Patriots exceeded expectations in their opening game. Many experts doubted their abilities without their top talent, including the oddsmakers who put them at a 9.5 point underdog. The Patriots always have room to improve as head coach Bill Belichick will always suggest, but last night was a great sign and will be a game to build off, even if they were given a bit of good luck in the final seconds by a missed field goal. 

No Brady, No Problem 

It’s official, Jimmy Garoppolo is the “captain” now in New England. The third year Quarterback for the Patriots has been forced into action for the first four weeks of the 2016 NFL regular season with the controversial suspension of Tom Brady being upheld. 

An uncommon and unlikely scenario is now reality for the Patriots as Brady will not be under center for the first time since his injury back in 2008 where Matt Cassell took the reigns and just barely missed the playoffs with an 11-5 record. If 2008 is any indicator, it shows that the Patriots can be successful without their MVP-caliber field general. Luckily for them, the change will only be temporary as head coach Bill Belichick stated, Brady will return as the starter in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns. For now though, New England’s full focus is getting Garoppolo ready for Week 1 in Arizona to take on the Cardinals. 

What a way to make a first start for Jimmy Garoppolo. Week 1, Sunday Nigh Football, In Arizona against the Cardinals, no easy task for any QB, but especially for one making their first start. While many people have already been chalking Week 1 up as a loss for New England, there should be some hope behind the young arm of Garoppolo. He could not be in a better situation as a first time starter. He’ll be coached by one of the best staffs in the league, as well as the best quarterback in the league as a mentor, and play with one of the best rosters in the league. While Garoppolo is obviously not up to the standard of Brady, he will only have to be a game manager and limit mistakes for the Patriots to be successful for the first four weeks. The talent of the rest of the Patriots should be enough to carry them until Brady returns. 

The Patriots also lucked out a bit with the opening part of their schedule. Aside from Week 1, the Patriots have three very winnable games, and to make matters better, they are at home. They will face the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, and Buffalo Bills respectively. It is very possible that New England will go 4-0 or 3-1 to start off the first quarter of 2016. As long as the Patriots can weather the storm, they will still have a successful season and be serious Super Bowl contenders. 

Deflategate Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again

Four score and seven years ago…

is how long it has felt like since the Deflategate saga began. A rainy January night and another AFC Championship game in Foxboro, Massachusetts for the New England Patriots. A game where the Patriots would dominate the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 en route to a fourth Super Bowl title for the franchise. While many did not understand the controversy that would surround this game at the time, the harsh reality has taken us to now where a few allegedly deflated footballs have created one of the most intriguing controversies in NFL history. 

A witch hunt, conducted by the most powerful man and organization in sports. A league that claims that the integrity of the game is their main focus. Yet, maybe it is time they look in the mirror. 

Here we are, nearly two years after the allegations that Tom Brady and members of the Patriots staff had purposely deflated footballs below the allowed PSI and the saga is far from over. Today, judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals reinstated a four game suspension for Brady that was originally overturned by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman. To Patriots fans, this was believed to be the end of the worry for any further punishment to the team, who had already lost two draft picks and one million dollars, and to Brady, who was able to play the entirety of the 2015 NFL season. Instantly, the worry has come right back and the Patriots star Quarterback is in jeopardy of losing the first four games of the 2016 season once again. 

It is truly a sad day for not only the New England Patriots, but for the NFL and it’s fans. The NFL and it’s cowardly leader has perpetrated an attack on one of the faces of the NFL and a man of the highest integrity. They have used allegations that have been proven to be false to make something out of nothing. The NFL and it’s leader could not stand to be overruled and have turned hypocritical, pointing towards the integrity of the game being compromised. The integrity of the league has been compromised by the very people attempting to promote that, unfairly treating a superstar and someone that should be celebrated and not tarnished, all for a little bit of money and power. 

We can only hope that Brady continues to fight and that the real justice is served to those responsible for this mess.


People always argue that Tom Brady is the best QB of all time. I am included in this arguing. But another question has popped into my head.

Is he the Best Player to ever pay the game at any position?

Tom defines the person who you want to be your leader. He’s skilled, smart, passionate, hard working, aggressive. The adjectives could go on and on.
As the Patriots prepare for their 5th straight conference game, Tom will be entering his tenth. With a win, he has a chance for not only back to back Super Bowl wins but his 5th overall.

Already 4 rings, a 5th would just add too his great career. So let’s look at his accomplishments.

He is the Patriots all time leader in passing TDs, yards, completions, attempts, career wins and games played. He is also a 2 time NFL MVP, 3 time Super Bowl MVP, and a 11-time pro bowler.
Brady, too accomplish what he did this year at age 38, proves how great this man is. Just think he was a 6th round pick.

The question of BEST OF ALL TIME is always going to argued. However, whether the question is Best QB or BEST to EVER put on a helmet, Thomas Patrick Edward Brady deserves his name on the list. 

Who Moves on? 

Since Ace, our glorious GM, has already previewed the 4 playoff games, I am just going to write my predictions and leave a few notes on what I expect to happen. 
1. Pats 35 KC 24 

Brady finds Edelman over the middle to pull way late to advance to their 5th straight AFC championship game. 
2. Cardinals 24 Packers 14 

Palmer outplays Rodgers as Peterson picks Aaron to close the game. 
3. Seahawks 21 Panthers 20

Seattle’s Kam Chancellor hops the line to block a game tying extra point as time expires. 
4. Steelers 31 Broncos 24 

Big Ben prevails over Peyton even without Brown. Broncos make a late run that comes up short 

2016: The Year of Boston 

2016 looks to be a promising year for Boston sports. As all the major teams look to give their fans more to cheer about.
With the playoffs approaching quickly, the Patriots look to lock up home field throughout the playoffs in week 17. With Tom Brady doing what he does best and the returns of Edelman, Amendola, and Hightower, NE looks to go back to back. 

Next, we go to the hardwood to look at the Celtics. The C’s look great one night the struggle the next. However, this young squad being led by Isaiah Thomas looks to continue to fight for wins and look to make a run towards a playoff spot.

Although looking rough yesterday in the Winter Classic, the Bruins also look to have a promising season. They look to rely on the newcomers to help Bergeron and Marchand to make a run at the cup. 

Last and certainly not least, comes the Red Sox. With the arrivals of David Price, Carson Smith, Chris Young, and Craig Kimbrel, the Sox look to come back to the winning ways we’ve seen in past years. The Sox will look to make a run to the World Series. 

2016 looks to be a great year for the Boston sports fan although it is already great anyways.