That Fantasy Time Of The Year 

That time of year has come, training camp has started and football is only a few weeks away. Meaning one of the best pastimes for males aged 12-75 is about to start. If you guess twilight golf then your months off, that started weeks ago. The right answer here is fantasy football. A season like no other, and this one should be memorable.

For me, I get to prove myself to my league of extraordinary gentlemen, just a bunch of young bucks vying for the Towski(league title). I got AJ Green and Julio Jones rejoining the squad as my keepers. I’m taking a look at some young draftees as well. Names like Ezekiel Elliot and Laquon Tredwell come to mind at this time. I’m not giving away my secrets but would like to point out that I beat Chris(fellow B’ship writer) big time last season. In fact my bench out scored his starters, remember not all heroes wear capes.

Now a big dilemma is the whole Tom Brady suspension. If your a smart owner, and Brady is there in like rounds 5-7, you’d be a moron not to take him. As a fan of the game, and someone whose seen Brady play(and lose hint hint December 6th 2015), he is too good to pass up. Just make sure to take a credible back-up like Blake Bortles or Philip Rivers. Two guys who can get the job done during Brady’s absence. If Derek Carr is there he’s also a name to try to remember. Kid has some major talent and can get the job done for Oakland with the help of Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper.

Why does fantasy rule? I feel it rules solely based off of the idea that you have a guy in every game. You now care about that 4:35 NFC South game that has Atlanta going to Tampa Bay. You have Danny Woodhead heading over to Denver to see if he can get you those 4 catches and 67 yards you need. It just gives you more of a reason to watch the best sport on earth.

Let me tell you a quick story. Opening week last year my squad Chips and Dip was down by about 37 points. We had 3 guys left, the Eagles defense, Julio Jones and Mike Wallace. We knew we weren’t going to get positive points from someone but didn’t know who. Low and behold Julio Jones gives us a 35 point night. And that Bird Gang defense gave us 6 due to turnovers! All we needed was Mike Wallace to go either 0 or positive. We got that and a little more. Wallace had like 4 catches for 44 yards. Chips and Dip took down the foe and started off the year right.

God I love football.

Am I not so high up on Cam Newton this year? Yeah I am not high on Super Cam. I think there could be major struggles from Newton because of his lack of confidence. Lack of confidence? Watch the SB and then you will see what I’m talking about. He’s getting Kelvin Benjamin back, but he could struggle even with him back. I don’t know guys, could be a down year for Cam.

Take warning, it’s taking over our lives once again. Tell your girlfriends and wives and significant others, that football and fantasy are back. Tell them you still love them, but football ALWAYS comes first. Now I realize why I don’t have a girlfriend, this paragraph is the exact reason. Well fantasy football and the NFL all kick off soon, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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