Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! The Cup opens up tonight and I am fired up for it. Standing in the red corner, the reigning, defending champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins! In the the blue corner, the challengers the Nashville Predators! Let’s get it on!

I’ll say this this coaching matchup is as blue collar as it gets. The Franklin native Peter Laviolette takes on MarshVegas’s favorite son Mike Sullivan. Both guys have Massachusetts ties and it’s something that makes you believe MA is at the pinnacle of the hockey world even when a team from the Bay State is absent. Both have a ring on their finger and are looking to add a second one. I’ll say this, Sullivan gets the edge here, he’s trying to go back to back(oh man, oh man). He’s got the edge just because he’s been their recently.

Goaltending is virtually tied in my eyes. Rinne and Murray are two guys who have proved a lot this postseason. Many thought Rinne was done after this year, by done I mean written off. But he has been nothing short of the best in the world.

Pitt has the firepower up front. They have a massive edge there. Having the best skater in the world is a massive edge. This is the series where Crosby can cement a top five ever ranking. Now that’s probably a steaming hot take but it’s true.

Nashville has the edge on the backend. Adding Subban and the emergence of Ryan Ellis could be the wall they need at the blue line. Imagine being Subban and winning the cup after being traded by Montreal. The Habs must feel like morons now. The Nashville 4 are arguably the best group in the league, they try to prove it tonight.

My pick is the Penguins in 6, I can’t see them not repeating. But hell this is going to be one fun series, hopefully it goes 7.

Appointment Television

There has been a major bright spot to the Boston Red Sox early season struggles. That bright spot takes the mound tonight and looks to hurl another a dozen or so strikeouts again. If you guess David Price, then you’ve never been more wrong in your life. Check the name, because he sure is a Sale item. For those scoring at home, yes I tried at a Chris Sale pun right there.

When Sale takes the mound, Red Sox fans are glued to the television or radio unless they’re witnessing him in the flesh. Sale’s outings have become appointment television. Friends and I have broken plans to do things because of his outings. If you don’t watch at least 3-4 innings of the ace, you legitimately aren’t a Sox fan. He is easily the best pitcher in all of baseball at the moment, and the fact that he’s on the Bo-Sox is the best part.

8 straight outings thus far have been double digit outings for the guy. Tonight he goes for the record, right now he’s tied with himself and Pedro Martinez. Sale’s 95 SO’s this season also leads the majors, and that’s only in 9 starts. So if we do the math he might have like 700 strikeouts this year. Yes an exaggeration but how KILLER would that be.

So tonight Chris Sale takes the mound against the Texas Rangers. At home, Sale has looked great. His pace is incredible there and it seems like he’s in the zone from pitch 1-100. He needs some run support, something the Sox have lacked in this year. But with Mookie heating up and El Trece playing great, that shouldn’t be a problem.

7:05 first pitch, we could be witnessing greatness.

A Russian Returning To The NHL?

A few years ago, the New Jersey Devils found out a franchise guy in Ilya Kovalchuk would be heading back to Mother Russia. Well it is now 2017 and Kovie is making headlines with of a possible comeback to the NHL. At 34 years old, it would be interesting to see who would entertain the thought of this guy coming to their team. Trust me if they entertain that idea, they won’t be regretting it, this guy can play hockey.


Kovalchuk’s rights belong to the Devils still. But from what I read it doesn’t look like they will be keeping him, a sign-and-trade would have to be done when it’s all said and done. I think the Devils might think about keeping him to be quite honest. With Taylor Hall, the number 1 pick and Kovalchuk, this team could be back to the promiseland. Add another piece in free agency and they would be cooking with some serious gasoline

A team who I wouldn’t be shocked to see in the running would be Vegas. The Golden Knights have serious chance and adding a big name like Kovalchuk could put some serious interest in existing fans. The Knights add this guy and grab a couple promising names like Hagelin and Bonino, throw them on a line with Kovalchuk and to me that’s a serious trio. What helps them is the expansion draft, as long as they stay away from the names like Jimmy Hayes and Rick Nash(yes I went there with Nash, he’s not that good anymore), they could get some intriguing names that Kovalchuk might gravitate too. Also who doesn’t want to be the face of a Vegas franchise? He could live at the Bellagio or the MGM Grand, a life that would be sweet.


A real dark horse could be the Predators. The chance to play in a city like Nashville, which has become a new hotbed for the game is something to consider. He could be on a team with the best top 4 defensemen group in the league, that group led by PK Subban and Roman Josi. Let’s say they just fall short of the cup or during the finals. Kovalchuk then signs and they are an immediate team to become a cup favorite. Also the chance to play with a goalie like Perkka Rinne would be an idea to look over, watching him this postseason has been superb. Don’t forget coach Peter Laviolette, he’s a guy a lot of players like playing for. Nashville could swoop in and steal him for next to nothing and get him to sign a somewhat team friendly contract.


There’s a few others that could be in the running. Washington could be someone who might throw themselves at the guy. But there’s too much money going to be involved and I don’t know if they’d have enough. Another one might be Carolina, but Carolina is not as intriguing of a team as the three I mentioned. The last one who is an extreme long shot is Pittsburgh. But if they can move some money around and make some contract moves, they could be a big time landing spot.

Let me know what you think, does he go back to Jersey, or does he make his way somewhere else? Tell me what could be good on him going somewhere. Let the good times roll my friends.

The Ultimate Pump Up Band

Sitting in the Budweiser truck delivering beer got me to thinking. Was I thinking about my job? Nope. We had ACDC’s Hells Bells playing in the truck and it made me ask this question. Is there any band more synonymous with professional sports pump ups than AC/DC?

I’ll answer that, no. They have maybe a dozen hits that could be played as a pump up. Hells Bells is just the start, and honestly it’s probably the best. You have other songs like TNT, Thunderstruck and even Highway To Hell. But no other song gets me going like Hells Bells does. I get goosebumps and I’m ready to run through a wall.


There’s a couple of bands like Van Halen, Metallica, Guns and Roses that can be argued.Hell that last Parkway Drive album was my floor hockey pregame set. But the sound of the guitar and infectious chorus of the AC/DC jams are unmatchable. Call me old, call me out of touch or simply call me crazy. But if I’m gonna lay out for my squad then I want at least 4 of AC/DC’s finest tunes on my radar.

For the hip-hop people out there, that’s a whole other argument. You can’t compare the two genres. I’m not lumping in lyricists with bands, it’s just not reasonable. My opinion on that will come in the later days.

So if you have a different opinion, or want me to tell you why you’re wrong, comment below. Otherwise bask in my handsome glory. Until next time, America rules and be handsome.

WakeUp with Bret “Hitman” Hart 1st WWF Championship win and 1st Promo as WWF Champ.




Bret won his very first WWF championship off the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, during a episode of PrimeTime Wrestling in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Stu Hart’s old stomping ground. This is a Great little match that solidifies two of the very best in pro wrestling. Its a great feel good moment from Old School WWF. Plus the commentary is on point from Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes.



Here’s his first promo as WWF Champion with Gene Okerlund.

Red Sox Preview

Hey Everybody! You miss me? Yeah probably not. However, it is almost that time of year again! What time you ask? BASEBALL SEASON!! The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to start up again in just six days and in 8, I will be back in beloved Fenway Park.  However, less about me and more about the Red Sox.

Boston kicks off the year against the Pittsburgh Pirates who will be coming to Boston. On April 3rd, CY Young award winner Rick Porcello will be taking the mound to face Gerrit Cole. In game 2, we get to see Chris Sale in his for start as a Red Sox followed by Eduardo Rodriguez to end the series. The rotation will be filled out by All Stars Steven Wright and Drew Pomeranz. To start the year, the Red Sox will be without David Price. If Price, is out for a long time the Red Sox could be in trouble. In the offeason, the Red Sox traded for Chris Sale to put a three headed monster in the rotation however, Price got hurt this spring and no word is out on how long he will be on the DL. usa_today_9974033-0

The Red Sox line up should be very good this year even with the loss of fan favorite David Ortiz. With Ortiz retiring, the main question of the team is who will provide the power. With the spring coming to an end, the opening day roster is starting to come into pictures. Team leader, Dustin Pedroia will be leading off again. Following him (which to me is kind of a surprise), is preseason rookie of the year candidate, Andrew Benintendi. Next up, is MVP runner up Mookie Betts. Taking over at clean up for Big Papi will be Hanley Ramriez. Firth and sixth in the line up will be newcomer Mitch Moreland and silver slugger Xander Bogaerts. In my eyes these two should be switched. After X comes, the return of the Panda, Pablo Sandoval. Batting last is Sandy Leon.  I believe the team will still be one of the highest scoring teams in the league even without Papi. The main questions with the lineup are can panda play every day? Can Benintendi produce for a full season? Should Blake Swihart and Sam Travis be on the roster? Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr, Mookie Betts

I believe the Red Sox should win the AL East.

Record- 94-68

Major Awards- CY Young- Chris Sale

MVP-Mookie Betts

ROY- Andrew Benintendi

WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS- Red Sox over Cubs in 6

Just A Couple Of Guys Talking About Sports