The 3rd Week

Good things come in 3’s, and well it’s week 3 of the Shamrocks season so I guess that’s a good thing. A team who’s looking to make that adage a reality is the the White team, looking for their third W in a row. The old White-Black rivalry is renewed, while Green takes on Blue.

1. White 2-0
2. Black 1-0-1
3. Green 0-1-1
4. Blue 0-2

The white and black rivalry dates back to my days in the league. White and black played one of the most intense and passionate hockey games ever. I’m glad to say I was a part of that one, and glad to say I was a part of the winning black team that day. Enough about that game, let’s get back to reality here. White comes in unbeaten, and with a hefty streak going against black in the regular season. Black comes in with some major momentum after beating Blue last week. The phrase to use in this one will be “Cooler heads prevail”. So if you can’t figure that out what I mean then I’ll explain it in 5 words. Stay out of the box. Whoever stays out of the sin bin wins this one folks. Captain Mario Dafonte was quoted in saying about this week’s game, “No one has knocked us of our game yet, so I’ll just say this I don’t care whose next”. Big words from the Captain there.

Blue and Green battling for supremacy. Blue put up 3-4 last week and it wasn’t nearly enough. Green didn’t really show up, some blame coaching there(I might be with them). Green has to come together as one or they will die as individuals(Any Given Sunday reference). A lot on the line here, neither can afford the L to be quite honest.

My picks
White 5-4
Green 6-2

I won’t be in attendance this week, I’ll be at America’s favorite ballpark. But hey who knows maybe there will be a recap of some sorts this time around.

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