Week 2 Shamrocks

Alrighty my friends, it is time for this weeks preview of the upcoming Shamrocks hockey games. This weeks set has Black against Blue, and Green against White. I’m not 100% on the times, but I’ll start in the order that they were mentioned in.

White is atop the league as the only team with a victory. Black and Green follow with a tie apiece. And Blue sits in the cold, dark cellar in last after being blown out last week.

Black comes in as the heavy favorites this week. Coming off last weeks deadlock with Green, they’ll look to put up a 10 spot against Blue. Blue looked depleted early on against white and will look to bounce back. Blue needs an early spark in this one, a quick power play or a cheap goal. All the momentum is firmly behind black, but if Black gets ahead of themselves they could be in massive trouble. This could finally be the week Black breaks its regular season losing streak. Hopefully it is, I think they’re tired of being compared to that winless Lions team from years back.

White and Green will be an interesting matchup this week. To win this one, Green needs to bang home a lot of rebounds. Get the first shot then follow up on the rebounds, that’s a key to victory for them. White can win by playing a methodical pace, slow the game down in portions of the first and second. Then when you get to the late games try to combat the speed. This one is a battle of contrasting styles so the intensity should be high. Rich Shipman(Green goalie) has to be big, the former Mansfield Hornet has been a stinger in Whites side in the past. If he continues the hot streak against white, Green should take this one.

Picking time!
Green 6-3
Black 7-2

The rink is cold, I’ll tell you that much!



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