Week 1 Is In The Books

And just like that the first week of the Shamrocks season has come to a close. Black and Green finished in a 4-4 tie(called it, not a big deal) and White beat Blue 5-1(only off by 2 goals). So not only a successful on ice week but picks wise I say I’d did pretty darn good.

Starting with the opener, it was a fierce and thrilling tilt until the final buzzer(which never sounded). Black stormed out to a first period lead, that grew to 3-1 by the end of the first frame. Green was able to storm back to tie it toward the tail end of the second period. But Black stepped on the toes of green late in the second to go up 4-3 heading into the third. Green was able to get the equalizer after a non-call slash/trip and a turnover. Neither team could really muster anything late in the game as well. Both teams really left it out on the ice in this one.

White crushed Blue 5-1, really wasn’t a close one. After 1, White led 2-0 and really controlled the pace of play. They actually controlled it enough to the point where I went home, no need to stay when you know the outcome is going to end in a certain fashion. White had the legs and blue didn’t, it really is as simple as that. Blue has a short bench, that could really hurt them as the season progresses.

So after week 1, I believe here is how the standings shape up.
1. White 1-0-0 2 PTS
2. Black 0-0-1. 1 PT
3. Green 0-0-1 1 PT
4. Blue 0-1-0 0 PTS

I wasn’t able to catch up with anyone from green after the game. But their spirits seemed high as they left the Vet, and they mentioned needing a veteran leader in the locker room. Black also seemed happy with the result, Forward Mike Patjane, when asked about squandering the lead, said, “Oh jeez, the missed call hurt but hey you can’t get them all. We will have to put that past us”.

Chris Arnaudo of Black brought up the good spot his team is in after week one. Arnaudo said, “Hard fought game. One of those where you feel like you should have got two points out of it but you’ll take the tie. Good start, they’re a tough opponent so a lot of positives to take from this one”.

I was able to talk to both Captain Mario Dafonte and Assistant Captain Steve Neal of White. Neal said, “White team was a wagon, we’re going to run the table this summer”. I like Neal’s confidence after week 1.
Dafonte brought up the positives from the victory, “We just have a lot of skilled players that know their positions. Were a well oiled machine and all the parts are working together. Pass shoot score baby thats tonights story. dont sleep on white lightning”. White lightning is the nickname Dafonte gave this team years back, and somehow it stuck.

Next week, we get the matchups of White-Green and then Black-Blue. Hopefully we get some competitive games, the preview will be rip, roaring and ready to go by the latest of Thursday morning.

Oh lastly, I will not be retracting anything I say about any team this season. If you don’t like it well tough. The only way to prove you’re worth is with wins, if you don’t then be prepared to get criticized.

Until then, stay handsome.



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