Hockey Night In Franklin Is Back

Thursday nights in the town of Franklin just got a little colder. Why is that? Is the Ice Age upon us again? No, no it is not. Then why is it going to be colder? Hockey Night In Franklin makes its triumphant return as the Shamrocks season begins at tomorrow night. Plenty of big storylines going into the season, as the Black team looks to three-peat and reign supreme again over the league. Let’s take a look at some of the teams then makes some picks.

Black comes into this regular season campaign looking to continue their reign of terror. One thing to note is black hasn’t won a regular season game in about 2 years, dating all the way back to the 2015 season. Black hopes to gain some leverage with a couple W’s to boost their already oozing confidence. Black is a tight knit group, as well as experienced group. I believe they only lost one or two guys from last seasons team. So the comradery that’ll be in that locker room should be at an all time high. But with some recent infighting, there could be a change on the horizon for this team.

Let’s go to the runners up in the Blue team. Blue is a mystery team to me. They will really live and die with the play of their backend and goaltender. Blue needs consistent play there to be successful, if they’re lackadaisical then well kiss that title bid goodbye. They do have some big time players upfront so they will have to show up huge every week. If they can remain consistent and out of the box then Blue could be heading back to the promiseland.

A team who has been very inconsistent the last few years is the Green team. Green comes in almost every season and has a great start and an alright finish. But when the playoffs hit they’re like the Dallas Cowboys at home. By that I mean they are the top dog and then lose in remarkable fashion. They need to remain consistent, if they do that there Golden. Really not much else I can say about them beside that.


Last team to talk about is the White team. White has a lot and I mean A LOT of big personalities on their team. They have to come together as one cohesive unit and not play as individuals. There is plenty of Club hockey talent there that can flow well. But when there’s to many cooks in the kitchen, a meal can’t be made. I think that’s been White’s problem over the last few years. Those personalities break down, make bad mistakes and it has cost them. Maybe this time around they stay as a collective unit and make some ruckus in the postseason.

Week 1 pits Black vs Green and White vs Blue. So without further adieu, here are my picks.
Tie 4-4 between Black and Green
White 5-3

Right now looking at the rosters, I have to say Green is the favorite. So they’re my pick to go all the way.

Let’s play some hockey.


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