Papi Playing Again?

Pedro Martinez has everyone in the Bay State booming with words of a possible Big Pali return. Oh mylanta. Don’t do this to me Pedro. Not know, not ever. Martinez said Ortiz is working out and looks to be on playing shape, which makes me believe a comeback could happen. But will it?

NO. Not a chance in hell David Ortiz ever returns to baseball. Ortiz said he was nagged by foot problems toward the end of his career. Even to the point that he was essentially playing on “stumps”. If that’s the case then there’s a snowballs chance in hell that he comes back.

Would I love an Ortiz comeback? You bet I would. I just don’t think it’s feasible to have a guy at his age come back and play. People say “Well Favre did it”. Well Favre didn’t completely walk away, he took two weeks off and got back after it. It seems to me Ortiz just recently got back into it and is just playing games with our hearts. Also you can’t compare football and baseball, just can’t do that.

So with that I say Papi if you do comeback, come back ASAP. The Sox could use your bat. Otherwise, stop toying with Red Sox Nation’s emotions. As well as don’t say any more to Pedro, he can’t keep his trap shut, God love Pedro but hush.

Stay handsome.


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