Is Oregon State Returning To Elite Status?

College baseballs tournament began this past weekend, and like in most tournaments the number 1 national seed looks dominant. The Oregon State Beavers this season went 49-4 in the regular season campaign. The Beavs finished the year with an astounding 19 game winning streak and a PAC-12 title, an impressive finish to the year.

Coach Pat Casey’s Beavers look to go back to the title game for the first time since 2007. 2007 was the year they finished going Back to Back(oh man, oh man) in Omaha. To me this Beaver club is arguably one of the best that we have seen in the past couple years. These guys have outscored their opponents by a combined score of 27-3, a score that their football team usually loses by. What’s really astounding is that they went 22-1 in non-conference play, and 27-3 in conference. And now with the Super Regional at home, they’ll look to continue to be hometown heroes in Corvallis.

This team has been led by sophomore Nick Madrigal. But after being slowed by a bone bruise, the Beavers have looked to guys like Steven Kwan, also a Sophomore. They have also looked at Michael Gretler, a Junior, who delivered a big time homer to push their lead in the clincher against Yale. This team is well rounded but has been sloppy by Coach Casey’s terms.

They will get the winner of the Clemson-Vandy game that will be played today. I’m not sure if the winner of that would travel to Corvallis since it’s supposed to be a “neutral site” but the Beavs I think have the edge over both. A key in college baseball is consistency, something Oregon State has lacked in with some of its stars. But big time players show up to big time games, so maybe this is what the doctor ordered.

If Casey wants to return to the promise-land, he needs the Beavers to be as good as they were in 06 and 07. If that happens then they return to College Baseball royalty. Watch the Beavers try to build their dam in the super regionals coming up later this week. Should be a great matchup regardless who they face.


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