Hot Take Saturday: Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin, cut. I’ll say this right now. Andy Reid is an IDIOT. How do you cut a wide receiver like Maclin, two weeks after his wedding and after he skipped his honeymoon for OTA’s. I am in complete disbelief more than 12 hours later, this guy can play the game and catch the ball I’ll tell you that much. So here are a couple landing spots for this great wide receiver.

1. New England- Why? Because the football gods hate me and everything I believe in. There really is no place to put him in the Patriot offense. But because they play the Chiefs week 1, ole Billy Boy might snag the Missouri product. Maclin hangs 50 fantasy points on the Chiefs and Reid then gets cut again or sits on the pine until Amendola gets hurt(the inevitable)
2. Philadelphia- He could go back to the team that drafted him. Do not rule this out. Maclin goes back to the Birds and takes over where he left off. He would probably be picked up immediately after the Birds cut Ryan Matthews but it would potentially make that offense go from scary to outright dangerous. Wentz getting Maclin added to the corps of receivers is something the NFL should watch out for.
3. Buffalo-Players recruiting other players has been big in all sports as of late. Tom Brady tried to get KD to Boston, as well as some Clippers going to Deandre Jordan’s house to keep him in LA. Now Maclin has a buddy who plays RB for Buffalo. Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are very close friends, and I’m pretty sure McCoy was at the Maclin wedding. So maybe Shady saw the news of Maclin getting cut last night and shot his buddy a quick text. Maclin could do wonders for that Buffalo team, and could immediately be their number 1 receiver. If Shady can get Maclin to Buffalo then I won’t be shocked.

Other teams I think that could be in the mix are Cleveland and New Orleans. I think Tennessee as a wildcard and Carolina as one too are ones to note. But the three listed I think should be front runners. That’s it for this Saturday mornings version of a hot take jamboree. Might make this a new thing. Gotta keep the site going somehow.

Stay handsome.


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