Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! The Cup opens up tonight and I am fired up for it. Standing in the red corner, the reigning, defending champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins! In the the blue corner, the challengers the Nashville Predators! Let’s get it on!

I’ll say this this coaching matchup is as blue collar as it gets. The Franklin native Peter Laviolette takes on MarshVegas’s favorite son Mike Sullivan. Both guys have Massachusetts ties and it’s something that makes you believe MA is at the pinnacle of the hockey world even when a team from the Bay State is absent. Both have a ring on their finger and are looking to add a second one. I’ll say this, Sullivan gets the edge here, he’s trying to go back to back(oh man, oh man). He’s got the edge just because he’s been their recently.

Goaltending is virtually tied in my eyes. Rinne and Murray are two guys who have proved a lot this postseason. Many thought Rinne was done after this year, by done I mean written off. But he has been nothing short of the best in the world.

Pitt has the firepower up front. They have a massive edge there. Having the best skater in the world is a massive edge. This is the series where Crosby can cement a top five ever ranking. Now that’s probably a steaming hot take but it’s true.

Nashville has the edge on the backend. Adding Subban and the emergence of Ryan Ellis could be the wall they need at the blue line. Imagine being Subban and winning the cup after being traded by Montreal. The Habs must feel like morons now. The Nashville 4 are arguably the best group in the league, they try to prove it tonight.

My pick is the Penguins in 6, I can’t see them not repeating. But hell this is going to be one fun series, hopefully it goes 7.


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