Appointment Television

There has been a major bright spot to the Boston Red Sox early season struggles. That bright spot takes the mound tonight and looks to hurl another a dozen or so strikeouts again. If you guess David Price, then you’ve never been more wrong in your life. Check the name, because he sure is a Sale item. For those scoring at home, yes I tried at a Chris Sale pun right there.

When Sale takes the mound, Red Sox fans are glued to the television or radio unless they’re witnessing him in the flesh. Sale’s outings have become appointment television. Friends and I have broken plans to do things because of his outings. If you don’t watch at least 3-4 innings of the ace, you legitimately aren’t a Sox fan. He is easily the best pitcher in all of baseball at the moment, and the fact that he’s on the Bo-Sox is the best part.

8 straight outings thus far have been double digit outings for the guy. Tonight he goes for the record, right now he’s tied with himself and Pedro Martinez. Sale’s 95 SO’s this season also leads the majors, and that’s only in 9 starts. So if we do the math he might have like 700 strikeouts this year. Yes an exaggeration but how KILLER would that be.

So tonight Chris Sale takes the mound against the Texas Rangers. At home, Sale has looked great. His pace is incredible there and it seems like he’s in the zone from pitch 1-100. He needs some run support, something the Sox have lacked in this year. But with Mookie heating up and El Trece playing great, that shouldn’t be a problem.

7:05 first pitch, we could be witnessing greatness.


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