The Ultimate Pump Up Band

Sitting in the Budweiser truck delivering beer got me to thinking. Was I thinking about my job? Nope. We had ACDC’s Hells Bells playing in the truck and it made me ask this question. Is there any band more synonymous with professional sports pump ups than AC/DC?

I’ll answer that, no. They have maybe a dozen hits that could be played as a pump up. Hells Bells is just the start, and honestly it’s probably the best. You have other songs like TNT, Thunderstruck and even Highway To Hell. But no other song gets me going like Hells Bells does. I get goosebumps and I’m ready to run through a wall.


There’s a couple of bands like Van Halen, Metallica, Guns and Roses that can be argued.Hell that last Parkway Drive album was my floor hockey pregame set. But the sound of the guitar and infectious chorus of the AC/DC jams are unmatchable. Call me old, call me out of touch or simply call me crazy. But if I’m gonna lay out for my squad then I want at least 4 of AC/DC’s finest tunes on my radar.

For the hip-hop people out there, that’s a whole other argument. You can’t compare the two genres. I’m not lumping in lyricists with bands, it’s just not reasonable. My opinion on that will come in the later days.

So if you have a different opinion, or want me to tell you why you’re wrong, comment below. Otherwise bask in my handsome glory. Until next time, America rules and be handsome.


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