WrestleMania Memories- Owen Hart vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 10



In 1994, Bret Hart was on top of WWF. at that time he was a one time WWF Champion, the inaugural King of the Ring, and the Co-Winner of that Years Royal Rumble along with Lex Luger. Everyone in the wwf had Bret’s back….but one Superstar in the back wasn’t impressed and that was Bret’s own little brother Owen. Owen was obliviouly jealous and couldnt handle living in the shadow of Bret, so Owen issued the challenge to see who is the better between the brothers.


This match is A classic, one of the best opening matches in Wrestlemania history. you don’t need to worry about natch quality when Bret hart is on the card, but add His brother Owen and its one of the best in WWF history. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler play Face/Heel commentators with Vinny Mac pushing for the “honor filled” Hitman, as The King relentlessly attacks Stu and Helen Hart, and bringing up how bret was the bully during Owen and Brets childhood.

Bret also went on to wrestle in WrestleMania 10’s main event, defeated YokoZuna for his 2nd WWF championship.




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