Don’t Trash Talk The Celtics

Last night was an epic night in Boston sports, with the Bruins putting up a 6 spot and the Celtics waltzing into the Oracle and winning again. I am not taking a look at both games, but at a moment during the Celtics-Warriors game. Steph Curry saying what looked like “I’m coming” or “I told you”. Well I am going to tell you this, it was the third quarter and it was a punk move.

After Curry does his little trash talk display, the Celts went on a run and outscored the defending 3-1 lead blowers 27-12. Curry doing this to an established player would make sense, but a rookie? Take a step back Steph. Jaylen Brown called the pointing and trash talk “cute”, Brown seems totally unaffected by Curry’s punk antics.


I think the quote by Isaiah Thomas really puts it all into the right light. “I mean, they don’t [point] when Avery [Bradley] guards them,” Thomas said. “I know that”(Quote from And you know what Thomas is right; they wouldn’t be doing that if Bradley was on them. Just ask Kyrie Irving who was put into the thunderdome against Bradley.  Bradley is an elite, yes ELITE, defender and would have put Steph into a pretzel.

I trolled KD a bit last night on twitter, and the Celts are the only team to beat the Warriors at the Oracle back to back years. They’re 24-2 at home are the Warriors, those two blemishes are from the Green. Another thing, IT-4 getting MVP chants, again, on the road. This time in the MVP’s building, real better recognize real. The Celtics are a team you best not trash talk, and a team you best recognize as a title contender.


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