Thanks Claude

In typical Bruins fashion, and let me say in a totally classless fashion, the Boston Bruins let Claude Julien go this morning. After 10 seasons, Julien was relieved of his duties as the one calling the shots behind the bench. I will not dwell on the way it was done for long, but it was cowardly. Cam Neely and Don Sweeney are chumps for this move, and have lost any ounce of respect I have ever had for them. Just a gutless move, I really don’t know how to say it any better.

at the Prudential Center on January 2, 2017 in Newark, New Jersey.

Claude Julien brought the Bruins to 2 Stanley Cup finals and 7 playoff appearances. One of those Stanley Cups was a victory over the Canucks. Arguably a top 3 moment in my lifetime, since I am not a full fledged Boston sports guy. In his very first season, Julien and the Bruins fought back from a deficit to the Montreal Canadiens to force a game 7. Although they lost the series, Julien proved he had a lot to prove, and he did that.

2011, what a year. The Bruins ran the table as the 3 seed in the East . First by slaying the dragon that was the Habs. Then looking themselves in the mirror, forgetting the blown 3-0 series lead, and sweeping Philly right out of the playoffs. Then the Conference Final, an utter classic against Tamp Bay. Arguably the best game 7 I have ever watched, a 1-0 final, no penalties, just an awesome hockey game. The Cup final, 7 games filled with hate, ending with the sweetness of a Stanley Cup victory.


2013, the lockout shortened season. The Bruins comeback after being down 4-1 in game 7 against Toronto. A comeback that proved he still had it. Then only dropping 1 game between the Conference Semi’s and the Final. A tough loss in 6 games to Chicago, but Julien proved he still had what it took to take the team places.


I liked Claude a lot, he was meme worthy and he was a good guy. No better way to put it. He will be missed behind the bench. Thanks for the good times and the outbursts Claude, you were a hell of a coach. Hopefully he gets another gig in the league and makes the Bruins pay. Look out for the Vegas team to swoop in and snag him. Just throwing it out there.

But all in all Julien was treated wrongly, but all good things come to an end. Thank you everything Claude.


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