WWE 2017 Royal Rumble Reaction

WWE Royal Rumble reaction-BrotherShip-Sports



Remember the Rumble? Yes. As pro wrestling fans we always look forward to the Royal Rumble every year, as we look forward to seeing who will be the next entrant into the fray. Surprises like Bob Backland in 2000, HackSaw Jim Duggan in 2012, Diesel in 2011, and John Cena amazing return in 2008. This year’s rumble although very exciting and filled with action, lacked a few surprise entrants. Even though We, as fan were hinting at the likes of Finn Balor’s return, or the main roster debut of Samoa Joe or Shelton Benjamin, None of these thing happened at the rumble. Brock Lesner being eliminated by Goldberg after a spear further cements the upcoming WrestleMania match. Roman coming in at number 30 was a controversial, but interesting choice, even if t Roman did eliminate Hometown hero, The Undertaker, but with the elimination does come a hint of a Heel turn. The rumble was an exciting match overall. I was rooting for Baron Corbin who had a massive elimination of Braun Strowman. Chris Jericho is now known as the “sixty-one minute man” lasting a minute over an hour in the rumble. Jack Gallagher was fun, his top rope Mary Poppins Spot. Tye Dillinger coming out at #10 worked. Mark Henry and BigShow returned, big fan of Henry. Good, entertaining rumble, but lacked surprises.  Oh and Randy Orton won the 2017 Royal Rumble.




Bayley Vs Charlotte was a great match, its good to see the heel/face balance played well, bayley being the spunky WWE fan dream come true vs Charlotte Flair “Spoiled, Entitled Perfect Heel”, Charlotte gets the win via pin after a natural selection on the ring apron.


Neville Beat Rich Swann for the WWE CruiserWeight title.


Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. No disqualification with Chris Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage. This was a long match for both of these men, and it was awesome. Kevin Owens took one hell of a beating from Roman, who looked very strong. Owens set up this tower of chairs and it looked like it would deal a lot of pain to whom ever was unfortunate to be put through it. And it was Kevin Owens who eventually went crashing through via a Superman Punch. A great spot in the match when Kevin Owens delivered a awesome looking Frog Splash to Roman through a table. Chris Jericho got involved, as we figured he would, by dropping Brass Knuckles to Owens who proceeded to hit roman with his own version of the superman punch, smacking reigns in the mush, in which reigns kicked out after the pin attempt. The finish was very exctiting too, as Braun Stowman interfered and chokeslamed Reigns through the announce table (he didn’t even bother taking away the monitors) giving Owens the win, and retaining his Universal title


Aj Styles vs John Cena for the WWE Championship.  A+ match . These men went back and forth with each other. JohnCena performed an Attitude Adjustment and Styles a Phenomenal Forearm, both scoring near-falls. A trade of reversals of Styles’s Calf Crusher and Cena’s STF followed. Styles applied the STF, but Cena escaped the hold. Cena applied the Figure Four, which Styles countered into a Cross Armbreaker, which Cena escaped. Both men scored near-falls, Styles after a Styles Clash and Cena after a Super Attitude Adjustment. Styles attempted a Phenomenal Forearm, but Cena caught him, performed two Attitude Adjustments and pinned Styles to win the WWE Championship, tying Ric Flair with 16 World title reigns.

The Road to Wrestlemania Begins…..


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