Melo To Boston?

The New York Knicks have not been afraid to dangle the name of Carmelo Anthony out there this trade season. They have even reached out to our own Boston Celtics in regards to the former Syracuse superstar. You will hear the Boston sports media say nay nay to Melo coming to the green. But I am in the minority, I would welcome Melo with open arms to Boston.


Carmelo Anthony is a superstar player, and if you think otherwise then you well are dead wrong.. Melo has averaged(over his career) about 24 points a night and about 6 boards since he came into the league out of Syracuse. He is a guy who can transform a lineup from being good to great and from being great into stellar. You put him in the Celtics lineup as the 3 instead of Jae Crowder, and now Isaiah Thomas has a better option there. Thats my thinking there, you may say differently.

So what do you offer to the Knicks if they come-a-calling again? Well, since ESPN has the trade machine up and running, I thought I would work something out here. With zero draft picks involved, the Celtics could offer Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller and Marcus Smart for Melo straight up. The deal works in regard to the cap, and ESPN also thins it gives the Celtics 3 more wins. I like that deal, gets rid of the dead weight in Zeller, and gets Amir Johnson out of here. I am not an Amir Johnson guy, too many wasted possessions wasted on him, get him out of here.Throw James Young in there too if you have to, Young isn’t being used here so might as well throw him in there.


New York will want a pick or two though. By all means you DO NOT offer them the Brooklyn pick. Melo is good but he is not worth trading the the possible number 1 pick for. So you offer maybe a second round pick or if there is another first maybe that. Another idea with the draft is the retained rights to the players over seasons. The Knicks like guys from Europe, there is no hiding that. So maybe you offer Guershon Yabusele or Ante Zizic, the Knicks may eat those names up.


If you can get Melo in the green and white, then you get him. Don’t be passive like in years past, because we all know Danny Ainge has been passive with the deadline. If he has the chance to pull the trigger than pull the trigger. I am so sick of the “he fits the Celtics mold”, enough is enough. If you can get a guy who will push the fold like Melo then you get that guy. Throw tradition out the window, and get that stud. The time is now to make the move, so lets make the move.

If you hate my idea, well then you hate it and that’s your opinion. Leave a comment below if you do. I will battle those on the reasons to get Melo here. So stay handsome until then everyone.


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