The Quick 3 For Philly

With the Eagles not clinching a postseason bid once again, I have a lot of time to think about the 3 things I want them to do immediatley when free agency and the draft come around. There is plenty they can do, way more than three things. But I thought looking at these 3 things in general is the best way to go about things. No, its not firing Doug, or getting rid of Howie Roseman. These are some minor, or major changes that need to happen for these fellas to be good next year.

1.Resign Desean Jackson– Desean Jackson is one of the most explosive and dynamic deep threats the game of football has ever seen. Truth be told, I cried when he was let go. This guy was legit my favorite player to ever play as an Eagle, then Chip Kelly stabbed me in the heart. Jackson, seemingly wants to come back. Washington would have to not just give him a contract, but him and Jamison Crowder, and oh yeah forgot Kirk Cousins too. So he will most likely be walking out of the nations capital and coming back to the city of Brotherly Love. Jackson could be the deep threat and piece that elevates Carson Wentz to the next level. He is a piece that gives him that reliable target that he can look to in the clutch. This to me is priority number 1 for Roseman and the gang.


2. Draft a Wide Receiver in Round 1– This is part 2 of the 2 part plan I failed to mention at the beginning of the article. This is where you find your new “Jeremy Maclin”(I HATE THAT HES GONE STILL THANKS CHIP KELLY), or your credible number 2 target. Three names come to mind at the John Ross, Mike Williams and Corey Davis. Truthfully I would like any of them, but I think the best guy to take might be Corey Davis. Mike Williams injury history scares me too much, and truthfully John Ross has an ACL problem that could hold him back. Corey Davis is a elusive, big fella and his body control is out of this world. He could be the guy to take at their pick, if not him I take Ross over Williams. Williams just seems to fragile and could be this years Kevin White.


3.Don’t Resign Leodis McKelvin– If this guy is back next season, this could mean some major trouble for secondary. He is softer than a box of kittens, I really don’t like this guy in the least. You let him go and it just gives the young man Jalen Mills a chance to grow and progress. Mills is a talented CB and could learn a lot with more playing time next season. There are also names out in free agency that could be appealing, that don’t cost a large sum, Logan Ryan being one of them. Adorree Jackson, Sidney White and Desmond King could all be there in the second round. King would be a definite upgrade even as a rookie. I mean look at Revis, he was a dominant rookie and well Josh Norman was pretty good too. I am in no way comparing these young guys to the established stars, just using them as reference.


So that is just a knee-jerk reaction to some possible moves we SHOULD see from the midnight green and white in the off-season. Maybe Howie will give me a call as a personal advisor and give me a few bucks to do it. Hey a handsome fella can dream can’t he? Well thats it out of me, see you all later.



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