What Celtics Should be in the All Star Game

Last night, I was lucky enough to head into Boston to see the Boston Celtics take on the Utah Jazz. In a very entertaining game, I noticed a couple of C’s that should definitely be considered for the All Star game. (And no one of them is not the kylnyk himself Kelly Olynyk but if I had my way he’d be the main focus of the offense)

All joking aside, four players from this years starting lineup should at least be considered as all stars. First , who is probably the least likely to make it, is Jae Crowder. Last night, he played amazing on both sides of the court. He said after the game that the crowd cheering for Gordon Hayward sparked a fire in him. However, he has been preforming really well this season. Shooting at a percentage of 48.8, he is shooting at the highest rate of his career.  However, his 13.3 points per game is where he gets hurt for votes. He should however, be considered for a defensive player of the year candidate.

Image result for jae crowder

Next, is Avery Bradley. Putting up his best point per game average of his career at 17.8 ppg, it finally looks like Avery has smoothed out his shot in order to be a very consistent scorer for this team. Like Crowder, he also plays amazing defense He is also shooting 41% from deep. He is also averaging almost 7 rebounds per game which is very impressive for a shooting guard.

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The next two are more likely to get into the game before Avery and Jae.

First, Al Horford. Boston finally brought in a big name free agent this past off-season. Besides a few miscues, Horford has lived up to his contract. Al is averaging 15.5 points per game with 6.5 boards and 4.9 assists. He is also another man who is helping the Celtics win by locking down big men in the paint. The 4 time all star is looking like hes on his way to another with his play this season.

Image result for al horford celtics

Last, but certainly not least, is the man the crowd cheers MVP, MVP, MVP for. That man is the little guy, 5’9 Isaiah Thomas. IT has been putting on a show of late, with his best showing of 52 the other night. Shooting at 47%, IT has put up the 5th best PPG in the league at 27.8. He just makes the game so much fun watching him especially in the 4th quarter. He deserves to be back in the all star game and as a starter. Without him, I do not see the team being at where they are now.

Image result for isaiah thomas


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