The Real Deal Champ

So after watching the little skirmish today, I had a thought about Dominick Cruz. Cruz has been plagued by injuries his entire career, but in my opinion he has silently become the best champion the UFC has to offer.

You don’t see Cruz on ESPN like you do guys like Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz or Ronda Rousey. He has been kinda quiet since returning, but has made waves since this little rivalry with Cody Garbrandt kicked up.

Garbrandt is mentally weak, and when you let a guy like Cruz get in your head like he has, then you are basically done. Cruz has not lost a fight since 2007, and no way he loses this one coming up on Saturday. This guy when healthy is arguably the best fighter in the entire company. He will probably take on TJ Dillashaw next, in what could be the fight of 2017.

I am a fan or Cruz, why you ask? Because he is a proven winner, a 1 loss guy in his career. Truthfully I think he should have 2, that fight he had with Dillashaw previously may have had some bias toward him, but I digress. He will win tonight, and he will win in convincing fashion. There is no way he loses this fight with Garbrandt.

Watch the video and some of the videos on the YouTube page, and tell me Garbrandt’s rattled. Kid doesn’t stand a chance. Cruz may end this in the first round.



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