A Different Style of Fab Five

Oh hey B’ship readers, what is going on? Haven’t spoken in a while. So, if you’re ready, I have some hot fire for you. Coming in the form of a college basketball question. I saw this on Twitter and decided to write something up about it. The question was “Who are the top 5 college basketball players, you have ever watched?” This is disregarding their pro career, and this is all personal preference. I really thought long and hard about this. I came up with 5 guys, that I think were total game-breakers. And I implore you to talk about this with your friends, this is a great discussion point.

Now the way I define a game-breaker or a stud is how they impact a game in my eyes. I am a fan of the flash and the fun. The rings they won are also thrown in there as well for a couple of these guys. Like I said earlier, this is a personal preference thing. These are my guys, and this does not define everyone’s 5. Also last disclaimer before I head into this, these guys are in a 1-5 ranking, I am just saying this is who is in my top 5, I am not ranking 1 higher than another. So let’s get down to it.

  • Tyler Hansbrough, Forward UNC- Let me tell you this, when he was at Carolina, I was a huge fan of Hansbrough. The kid known as Psycho-T was an absolute gamer, he was a Player of the Year, a 3 time All American and oh yeah an NCAA Champ. He averaged at least 18 a night for every season and his career high in averages was like 22. A four-year Tar-Heel too, something you don’t see nowadays. I remember when he took the elbow from Gerald Henderson and wore the mask. Kid was a warrior, and would put him my top 5 every day and twice on Sundays.


  • Tyrese Rice, Guard Boston College- You want to talk about grit, determination and spunk? Then you want to throw this man’s name in the conversation. My favorite memory of Rice was the 46 he dropped against UNC at Conte Forum. The Eagles dropped the game, but the name Tyrese Rice went onto become a legend at BC. I believe the next season Rice and the Eagles went on to defeat both Carolina and Duke. Easily a name worthy of the top 5 conversation.


  • Kemba Walker, PG UConn- Kemba Walker, aka Cardiac Kemba, is arguably a top 5 college player of all time. Don’t think so? Well then check out the 2011 Big East Tournament then the NCAA tournament, then you will be in awe at Walker’s performances. Walker and the Huskies went on an improbable run, winning every game from the Big East Tournament until the National Title game. Walker played in all 41 games that season, averaging 23 points a night. This guy is one of my favorite players to this day. Oh and he’s an ankle breaker too, just ask Steven Adams.


  • Gerry McNamara, Guard Syracuse- Once known as the “Most Overrated Player” in the Big East, in my eyes McNamara was never overrated. As a freshman, along with Carmelo Anthony, he hit 6 first half threes and led the Orange to a title. Two out of his four seasons at ‘Cuse had Big East championships involved in them, those teams didn’t have Carmelo, so you could say he did a pretty good job there. His senior year may have ended earlier than expected, due to a leg injury and an early tourney loss to Texas A&M, but he could play. I still remember when I would say “McNamara for 3…GOT IT” in the drive-way playing pickup. He will never not be in my top 5.


  • John Wall, PG Kentucky- I remember this vividly, the 2009 matchup of Kemba Walker vs John Wall, Wall was covered by Walker most of the night. Wall dropped 25 that night, and Kentucky won that game by 3. I always think we were robbed of a rematch, as Wall went to the draft earlier. But one of the most prolific players I have ever seen. Wall led the way for I would say 89% of the Kentucky season, and was stopped by Joe Mazzulla and the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. But man, could this kid drove to the rack, I still watch highlights of Wall at Kentucky and think it was too right for him to go 1st overall in the draft that year.

That’s my five. You have a certain 5? Let me know, leave a comment in the comment section or leave a comment on the link on Facebook. I could never rank these guys, even though some played each other, it’s too tough to really make the decision. So with that I say good day, and keep being handsome.


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