Wake up With The Evolution of The Undertaker in Video Games

Welcome Back Brothers! HackSaws back after a brief hiatus, and I got a whole lot of pro wrestling clips and videos till the end of 2016!!

The undertaker has been a staple of WWE since the 1990, and VideoGames based on WWE superstars and television programs are a basis of a corner of the video game world, so its no surprise that TheUndertaker has been featured in fifty wwe/pro wrestling games. I think he has been in all of WWF/WWE produced games, wither or not he was an unlockable character. Its also really cool to see all those games again. i have a plan to review some of the classic pro wrestling games soon, so look out for those, but 4 WWF Games were released in 2000!  Anyways enjoy the Video, and I’m looking forward to see TheUndertaker working a bigger schedule now that he has returned to WWE.



Survivor Series reactions will be up tonight after Raw.


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