The Irish Reign Supreme At MSG

One word to describe last nights UFC 205 main event: Historic. We witnessed the biggest star in the history of the UFC come to play in the a state that had its first ever MMA event. A fight that many believed would deliver, delivered. But with a result that was almost shocking, okay it wasn’t almost shocking, it was shocking. Lets look back at last nights historic victory for the new crowned dual champ, Conor McGregor.


McGregor made history with a TKO victory over lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez is a dangerous fighter, but he just couldn’t figure out the unorthodox style of McGregor. Alvarez was knocked down multiple times in the first round and just looked off. McGregor seemed to be 4 or 5 steps ahead of Alvarez at every point of the fight.


Let me tell you this, the combination that finished the fight was something that you would think you would see in a video game. McGregor connected on 4 strikes to the head of Alvarez and they were all pinpoint strikes. What I mean by that was that he picked his spots to strike and he connected like David Ortiz in the clutch. Alvarez swung and missed badly and fell victim to these big four strikes. He didn’t have a chance, once the second strike hit, you knew he was going down.


So now, McGregor holds two titles, which makes things rather interesting in terms of title defenses. Does he defend against the dangerous Tony Ferguson of the lightweight division? Or does he have that storied rematch against the man who hates him more than anything, Jose Aldo? I really don’t know what we could see or what we may see, but it will be explosive.


What do I want to see? The trilogy with Nate Diaz, it just needs to happen. Diaz-McGregor 3 from Ireland or from Boston. Two places McGregor wants to fight, and two places he holds close to his heart. I can tell you this, if they fight in Ireland expect that country to be absolutely booming with excitement. You want to talk records breaking, have these two fight from Croke Park in Dublin, it would be absolutely wild.

McGregor for now might be taking some time off with the birth of his child coming in May. But if the money is right he has said he would fight again. Give him the money and lets get another fight for March 2017. But for now, if you haven’t had the chance go watch that fight last night, it is awesome.

Oh yeah, and he’s not apologizing to anyone too.


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