David Pastrnak: The Bruins Big Star

Years ago, Bruins fans were pained by the trade of Tyler Seguin, a trade that we still question to this day. Making us all wonder if Peter Chiarelli really knew what he was doing. Chiarelli drafted a kid from the Czech Republic named David Pastrnak. A kid with some sweet hands and endless amount of talent. But many believed that he may not crack the top 6 or even amount to anything. Well those people were flat out wrong.

Pastrnak has been a strong player for the Bruins when in the lineup this season. He actually sits in third in goals with 9 this season. Including the game-tying power-play goal the other night up at Bell Centre in Montreal. So can we finally give Peter Chiarelli credit for something he did right in the draft?

I think we can, and we may even owe Chiarelli an apology. The Seguin trade happened before Pastrnak was even a thought, you can’t fault him there. And this kid looks like a steal for the 25th pick in that draft. Call him a steal or call him a bargain, Pastrnak is on pace for 35-40 goals this season and that has me super excited. Joe Thornton like numbers, and we haven’t had a goal scorer like Jumbo Joe in a number of years.

What we need out of the kid they call “Pasta” is healthiness. Last season, Pastrnak was plagued by a foot/ankle injury. If he can stay away from the doctors office, he is bound to be one of the next superstars in the NHL.

Chiarelli can be credited for finding that piece for the Bergeron-Marchand line. This kid at times takes the pressure off that dynamic duo, leading to some epic moments late in games. If he keeps it up, the dynamic duo will become a tremendous trio.

So Perry Chiarelli wasn’t such a moron after all. Yes, that boneheaded trade, but he is in Edmonton ruining things there now. So we have to worry about Don Sweeney moving Pasta, and if he does I will personally have a vendetta against him. But let’s be real, we have something incredible in Pastrnak. And he’s ONLY 20 YEARS OLD. Yes, he’s only 20, we have this kid for plenty of more time left in Boston. Let’s get ready for some fun folks, David Pastrnak is going to be leading the way.


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