Wake Up with WWF Raw is War Tribute to Brian Pillman.


Hard to believe its been 19 years since the passing of one of the most charismatic and influential pro wrestlers, Brian Pillman. Brian was a part of the legendary tag team “the Hollywood Blondes” in wcw with Steve Austin, leading them to a WCW Tag championship. His most notable wresling moments came in the early days of the “attitude era” where he was frequently in storylines with then partner StoneCold, and also ran with the Hart Foundation (brian trained in the Hart dungeon)

But most Wrestling fans remember Brian for the “Pillmans got a gun” work shoot, where a very pissed off Stone Cold was out looking for Brian and tracked him to his home, where Brian had brandished a gun and promised to use it on Austin should show up. Its one of the most controversial and still talked about in some circles within WWE.

Brian Pillman was a extraordinary pro wrestler who found both Success and fought with personal demons brought on by an Injury. He was found dead in a Hotel room on October 5, 1997. He had a heart attack, caused by an undetected heart condition.

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