The Song That Describes College Baseball

Oh you didn’t know, well I am back for late night blog edition. I have been sitting here today, thinking to myself what song out there can really describe a college baseball highlight video. I have been a sucker for some songs lately, but this one in my opinion may just take the cake. I am not talking about the most popular songs out there, this one has gone quite under the radar.. So without further adieu, here is what I have chosen(trust me this article will be written like 8 more times).

O.A.R. “This Town” – 2008 College World Series from Bluefoot Entertainment, Inc. on Vimeo.

Wait? Jack is a fan of OAR? Like an RKO, that one came from OUTTA NOWHERE. This song just bleeds awesomeness to me. The opening guitar just gets me every time and gets me unbelievably fired up. Listen to the chorus and try to not imagine a game winning TD pass from your teams QB or a goal by Patrice Bergeron in OT in Game 7. I think its honestly the perfect song for a highlight video.

Speaking of highlight video….

Am I belting out the lyrics getting into this video? Oh you bet I am. This tune is absolutely electric is has skill, poise and finesse. The song is infectious and it rules. No better way to put it.

Blast This Town by OAR next time you’re in your vehicle, there really is not too much better.


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