Wake up with The MegaPowers Exploding

Wake up with The MegaPowers Exploding


In 1989, The MegaPowers were the unstoppable force of HulkHogan and Macho Man, two of the biggest babyfaces of all time, along with Miss Elizabeth they were the shining force of WWF. But Lust and Ego, soon drove a spike between this awesome tagteam.


Things came to a full boil on NBC’s prime-time special, The Main Event on February 3, 1989, when the two wrestled Akeeem and Big BossMan, a team known as The Twin Towers. During the match, Akeem threw Savage out of the ring. Savage was thrown onto Elizabeth, knocking her unconscious. Hogan saw what happened and carried Elizabeth from the ring to the medical area. When Elizabeth was revived, she implored a distraught Hogan to return to the ring to help Savage, who had been left to fight the two gargantuan on his own for several minutes. Hogan eventually called for the tag, but Savage, who was furious with being abandoned during the match, slapped Hogan in the face. After some choice words to a confused Hogan, he took his world championship belt, and stormed back to the locker room. Hogan defeated The Twin Towers by himself. After the match, Hogan went to check on Elizabeth. Savage was back there too, who was caught in mid-tirade yelling to Elizabeth that as world champion he was tired of taking a backseat to both Hogan and Elizabeth in the Mega Powers pecking order. Upon Hogan’s arrival, Savage turned his frustration to him, accused Hogan of trying to steal Elizabeth from him, and manipulate the belt away from him. Hogan implored Elizabeth to try and talk some sense into him before Savage attacked him by hitting him in the face with the title belt, sealing the end to their partnership and beginning their feud.  Macho Man even beat up Brother Bruti!!


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