Bird Talk: So Far, Wentz’s Good

So far, so great. The Wentz era has started with a bang with two emphatic victories in his first two career starts. Wins at home against Cleveland, and then last night in Chicago on MNF, can help solidify Wentz as one of the best young QB’s. I watched the game in its entirety and have to say number 11 impressed the hell out of me once again. So let’s get to this weeks edition of Bird Talk.

“He’s an FCS QB, there’s a learning curve, he’s nothing special”. In the words of WWE Superstar Enzo Amorè, “look what we got over here, coupa hatahs, coupa hatah”. To the Wentz haters, insert foot into mouth. Wentz stepped up big time once again at Solider Field in a game that the Bears needed. He threw 21 of 34 for 190 and a TD, really should have been two TDS. Wentz layed a ball perfectly into the hands of Jordan Matthews and the former Vanderbilt Commodore dropped it. My friends, we are witnessing the newest era in Eagles QB. What he needs to do more is slide, he takes too many hits. But I blame a majority of that on the offensive line.

Another guy who’s wowed the socks off me is Doug Pederson. A lot of people disliked the hire of Dougie P, but now those who doubted Doug look foolish. Pederson is giving Jack Del Rio a run for his money in the “balls” department. Gutsy play calling and four down conversions. This guy may be up to something good, I’m pleased so far.

Jim Schwartz, head coaching bum, but defensive coordinator mastermind. Schwartz’s defense has looked great this far, and really played well at points last night. The weakness in the secondary is made up for by that insistent pass rush led by te likes of Fletcher Cox and Bennie Logan. Schwartz’s defense has given the career of Brandon Graham a shot in the arm. Graham is finally beginning to look like the first round pick they thought he would be. He looked good again last night in the Windy City.

Last night proved again, that a major weakness in this team is the drops. Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor were two big offenders of this. Agholor is starting to massively improve when it comes to this, but it’s a slow improvement. Matthews seems to drop more and more when the throw is a deeper one. He’s money from 20 yards and in. Maybe they need to invest in a deep threat or convert Agholor into one. He is nicknamed the “Nigerian Nitrous”, Wentz should start to look for him deep.

Offensive line must improve. No better way to put it. Jason Kelce is digressing more and more. Get some new big men or call up so sumo wrestlers. Really all I can say.

Ryan Matthews has down an alright job as the number 1 back thus far. Just seems like Pederson is looking to gain confidence in Wentz before really going to the run game. It might be just me but Darren Sproles is getting a bigger workload too. Maybe they’re running the juice out of Sproles and letting Matthews be fined tuned for later on.

This week the Eagles will get the hated Pittsburgh Steelers and WR Antonio Brown. Brown is a matchup nightmare for the Eagles and could prove to be the X-Factor in this contest. The game is however at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, so home field might play a major factor. The Steelers took the last meeting 16-14, that one was at Heinz Field.

So until Sunday,

Fly Eagles Fly.


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