Bird Talk: The Wentz Era Commeth

When the alarm went off this morning at 8:00 am on this fine Labor Day, I didn’t have much planned. I did my usual off day things like watch Stranger Things and play Playstation 4. Then out of nowhere, like an RKO, a notification popped up on my phone screen. What I thought was once impossible, now is the reality. Carson Wentz will be starting on Sunday for the Eagles.


I sat there in silence, not knowing how to feel or what to do. Then I thought about it, the era is beginning, Wentz is the guy. Excitement came over my like it never had before. I hadn’t been this excited in a long, long time. I think we got something here Eagle fans, something that might make us great again.


Standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 237 lbs, Wentz is a big fella. But don’t think he is just a pocket passer. The kid can move around and run the ball, think of a mixture of Russell Wilson and Big Ben. He lacks the accuracy of the other two, but remember he is just a rookie and that can be worked on. With names like Dorial Green-Beckham and Jordan Mathews, I am sure Wentz has some threats in the WR core. Then with Darren Sproles’s pass catching ability and Zach Ertz at TE, this kid will have plenty of options for to throw to.


Wentz was a winner while at North Dakota State, he won 5 National Championships while as a part of the Bison. He started two of those 5, but a 5 time champ is a 5 time champ in my book. The kid has the intangibles to win, and he proved it while attending NDSU.


“I was laying in the middle of a corn field hunting”, you are reading that right, the kid was hunting geese when he found out. The official announcement was today, but once Bradford was traded, you knew the writing was on the wall. No more Sammy Sleeves, but now we have Wentzadelphia, I love this and am more excited than ever for Sunday.

Wentz gets Cleveland in his first start, and I will have a full preview later in the week. So until then Eagle fans…..



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