Bird Talk: Soaring Or Dive Bombing?

After a few months off from pro football talk, I finally return my fingers to typing about my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. I have been almost radio silent when it comes to my opinions about the Birds upcoming campaign. So right now, here comes my first “Bird Talk” of the season, and this one should be quite theĀ interesting one. I will be looking at Coach Pederson and the fellas and if I see a success or failure in certain spots. So lets “fly” right into the Eagle talk.

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Alright, I am going to say it, I AM a Sam Bradford guy. I think if Sam can be protected enough and has time in the pocket, he can really harness the talent he has shown in the past. Chip Kelly’s system was not the most ideal one for Sam, hes not a mobile QB, and that is what Kelly’s system is designed for. I think this is the biggest season in the career of Bradford. If he fails, then the Wentz era will begin as early as mid-season if not next season. Yeah they over-payed for him, but Doug Pederson trusts this guy, so lets give him the shot he deserves.

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What scares the bejeezus out of me right now is the wide receiving core. Trading for Dorial Green-Beckham was out of the blue, and honestly I like it. But I think Reuben Randle is a cause for concern due to pure laziness. Dropping the ball is the Achilles Heel of this core, I’m talking about Jordan Mathews and Nelson Aghlor especially here. If they get their act together then I won’t be worried. But like I have said before, I need proof of this instead of just talk. If Mathews is able to get rid of the drops, he could be a true force in the slot, hes got the intangibles to be a truly great receiver.

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Honest to god, this defense looks great. The front four led by Fletcher Cox and Bennie Logan could arguably be on the best in the league. I think you need a lot better production out of the corners this season, and thankfully they haven’t looked awful. Jordan Hicks is also returning from injury, and he looked unreal in the games he played in last year. If Malcolm Jenkins shows up and plays like a leader, this defense could be scary good. This defense will keep this team in games and it will win this team some games.

Do I think we have a shot to win the Super Bowl? No way. But I think we have a chance to somehow win the division. If you can win games by grinding away and playing great defense then the division could be the Eagles. But being sloppy like the last few years could derail any hopes at a division title. I am being realistic here, I think the Eagles can steal the division with a strong defense and clean offense.

Best case scenario is the Eagles finish 10-6 or 9-7 and win the division or snag a wildcard spot. Worst case scenario is a 7-9 year and a third place finish. You finish in the dump again and hey you get a top 10 pick, I don’t hate that so I welcome it with open arms.

The Eagles open at the Linc with the Cleveland Browns. A date with old foe RGIII, something everyone can enjoy. So we got a few preseason games left Bird fans, lets hope the fellas stay healthy heading into the big games.

So without further adieu it is time for my first goodbye of the year…..

Fly Eagles Fly.


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