WWE SummerSlam 2016 preview




WWE SummerSlam 2016 Preview and Predictions



SummerSlam is here! The “biggest party of the summer” kicks off tonight as the 29th annual summertime classic kicks off from the BarClay Center in Brooklyn New York. There are thirteen scheduled matches on the card; a return to grace to the summerslam booking of the 80s and 90s. Five championship title will be defended, and a brand new championship will make its debut. Lets take a look at the card.


PreShow Card.



AmericanAlpha, The HypeBros, & The Usos vs The Ascension, The VaudeVillians & BreeZango


This should be on the main card, as these are all tag teams that would send the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. I’m very surprised that AA isn’t featured as a part of the main show, but hey it’s Summerslam either way. The Ascension deserves to be taken more seriously, having them job to the old timers when they debuted didn’t make sense. Breezango is entertaining, johnny Curtis is awesome, and meshes well with Tyler Breeze. On the August 16th episode of Smackdown, the faces got the win over the heels so I am expecting the Heels to pick up the win due to miscommunication.



Sami Zayn & Neville vs Those Damn Dudley

Oh how the might have fallen, the Dudley boys are kinda full blown jobbers now that the intial spark of there colossal return has gone. Sami Zayn and Neville are both incredible pro wrestlers, and have been on a roll as of late, Sami coming off of the 5 star classic with Kevin Owens and Neville returning hot from an injury. Expect the Faces to win in a very good tag team match, but would love to see The Dudley get a win in there own backyard.



Sheamus vs Cesaro in the first match in the Best of Seven series.


The last best of seven series of matches WWE did that I can rememeber was in 2005 with Chris Benoit vs Booker T but those matches were for the United States Championship, and they were Excellent. Sheamus and Cesaro are both great athletes, so im expecting a good match to start this series, even though I’m not a fan of sheamus. After losing to Cesaro on the August 1 episode of Raw, Sheamus attacked Cesaro after the match. August 8th episode of Raw saw Cesaro defeated Sheamus again, but lost a match for the WWE United States Championship against Rusev after interference from Sheamus. On the August 15 episode of Raw, Cesaro distracted Sheamus, costing him a match against Sami Zayn. Backstage an argrument ensued leading mick foley to make the best of seven series.




Main Card



Carmella, Naomi and Becky lynch vs Alexa Bliss, Natalya and a mystery partner.


Originally a six woman tag match but since eva marie was “suspended” her in ring debut continues to be postponed. WWE.com has been teasing a replacement for Eva, but has been vague. My guess is either Asuka or a Returning Nikki Bella. Not much else about this match. Becky Lynch is a babe tho.



The Miz vs Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship.


The Miz will win. Apollo Crews isn’t over enough and I believe new contenders should always win the title on their rematch. Expecting a DQ win. Waiting on AJ styles to challenge for the IC strap.


Enzo and Cass Vs Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho



Jeri-KO is the best thing going on Raw right now. They constantly steal the show and have amazing chemistry together. E&C have been on fire since they debuted and the crowd is behind them 100%. This should be an amazing match as these four men will definalty pull out all the stop to get he win. Enzo and Cass should take the Win.



The New Day vs The Club( Gallows and Anderson) Tag Team Championship



New Day Stops, New Day Stops. Sorry I love the new day, but I think a new pair of tag team champs have been in need to change things up a bit with Gallows and Anderson. Just like the other tag matches on the card, expect a lot of action and drama with hot tags and spots galore. I’m expecting New Tag champs with The Club.



20160805_SSlam_MATCH_RusevReigns--058048706d434a31221559a319a598eb.jpgRoman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States championship.


Roman Reigns is probably gonna take this one, but it could end in a DQ finish with Lana getting involved or something. Not really enthralled about this one. Make Roman Full Heel, and give him Rikishis Bad Man theme.



Charlotte Vs SashaBanks For the WWE’s Womans Championship (DanaBrooke banned from Ringside)


This should be a very interesting match, with the red hot SashaBanks taking on the arrogant Charlotte. This match will steal the show as wwe is trying to make the Womans Divison just as diverse in match booking and strategy. Expect a lot of turnbuckle spots and big “Whoooa” spots, and also will be hoping to see the moon Sault from charlotte. Sasha banks should retain.



20160801_SSlam_MATCH_CenaAJStyles--fce1ed06e7d6cbc464dfde98da1adda1.jpgJohn Cena Vs Aj Styles.



This match can go either way. If John Cena wins it’s a shame because it would be “Big Match John”adding another to his victory’s won with hustle loyalty and respect. But if Cena does win, I’m not worried about Styles, he’s not going to suffer like Damien Sandow did after losing to Cena, as he is in a position to be the top star on WWE Smackdown. If Aj Styles does win, it should be clean after a huge series of near fall spots with AJ coming out on top, and hopefully add him into the title picture.


Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins to crown the new undisputed champion.

This match doesn’t need to be for a title for this match to be exciting. These are two of the best pro wrestlers on the roster, and are very capable to steal the show with the first match in a promising fued. I am expecting Seth Rollins to take the title and to kick off an incredible feud.



Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE championship.

For the longest time Dolph Ziggler was the unsung hero of WWE, stealing the show and making everyone look great. But instead of being rewarded for his actions it seemed that he was always skipped over for someone else, but no matter the scenario his fans have always stood by him no matter what. Dean Ambrose has been red hot since the shield spilt. He is the most popular member of the trio and is enjoying a nice title run as the face of Smackdown. I really do think that Dolph will take the title from Ambrose.

Brock Lesner vs Randy Orton

The match everyone wants to see. Two of the OVW originals going head to head, in a colossal matchup between these two. Ortons first big match back, and it’s against the beast incarnate. Expect everything, blood, urine and shit. A hard hitting contest that is gonna to tear the roof off. I’m expecting Randy Orton to steal the victory with the Punt Kick, pulling out all the stops for the win.



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