The 217 Million Dollar Mistake 

On December 4th, 2015, the Boston Red Sox made their free agent splash, making David Price the highest paid pitcher of all time. Boston signed Price to a record 7 year, $217 million contract to secure their ace of the future. It turned out that the Price was wrong that day as David Price has been average at best in a Red Sox uniform and that is being generous. In his first season as the Red Sox number one starter, Price had posted a 9-8 record alongside a 4.34 ERA, his highest since 2009. Some might look at that and say it is not terrible, but for a pitcher being paid the top contract in Major League Baseball, the Red Sox and their fans expect more. Price has been overshadowed by unexpected breakout performances from pitchers Rick Porcello and Steven Wright, who were not predicted to have much success in 2016.

The problem with Price has not been completely clear over the course of the season. Some have claimed that he has an issue with his physical mechanics in his throw, others claim he does not have the mental toughness to pitch in a Boston media and fan market that is very critical of their star players. Both factors could be large contributors for the pitcher’s struggles, but it is impossible to tell for sure. It seems to me that Price has been playing a bit scared and does not have the confidence in his pitches and overall ability as he has in years past. To be a dominate major league pitcher, you need to have a swagger that says you are the best and can sling it past any batter. Price has shown his soft side in Boston in 2016, appearing somewhat monotone and content in his post game press conferences.  While Price has admitted he has not played well enough for the Red Sox, he has shown no signs towards his effort to change and be the shut down dominate ace pitcher that he was for the Rays, Tigers, and Blue Jays. 

Overall, David Price has been highly disappointing during his time in red socks. Price has failed to take over the ace role of ending losing streaks, dominating the league’s worst teams, and winning the important close games. So far, the $217 million investment has appeared to have gone sour. Is there a chance David Price will be able to turn it around? Sure. But I will not believe David Price is good until I see it. He is a bum until further notice. 

Not to mention, he blocked me on Twitter for calling him out, don’t need our ace worrying about random people on social media. 


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