Celtics Fireworks Don’t Seem to be Bursting




No, it’s not the Fourth of July anymore. It’s the famous buzzword that’s been used by the Boston Celtics management to describe their plan for a big time move in offseasons past and present. 

Another offseason is passing us by and the term “fireworks” has been throw around once again. It is clear that the Celtics organization and their fans have been itching for a blockbuster trade or high profile free agent signing ever since the Big 3 of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen left Boston. There has been no shortage of rumors for Celtics fans to speculate over as Boston has been linked to names like Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, and DeMarcus Cousins. Even top free agent Kevin Durant was apparently seriously considering a move to Boston before ultimately deciding on Golden State. Even with all the rumors surrounding the Celtics, still nothing has been done to make this team an immediate championship contender. This is especially frustrating for Celtics fans because of all the promises of more moves from the organization including from owner Wyc Grousbeck, GM Danny Ainge, and even their all star point guard Isaiah Thomas. 

The question for Celtics fans has slowly come from “when will the big move come?”to “if a big move will come at all?” It has been easy for us to praise the organization for the Big 3 trades and the rising success of the current squad, but it should also be easy to question the team for the lack of star power in Boston. It would be easier to sympathize with the Celtics for not getting more star players if they didn’t always promise this to the fans. At some point, you need to look at the management and question if they are handling the current situation the best way possible and if they have the ability to make the team as successful as possible. 

It is clear that Celtics fans will have to be patient as the itch for a championship contender in Boston continues to grow. 


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