A Wounded Tiger 

Once the considered to be the greatest golfer on the face of the planet, he is now in jeopardy of not playing all of 2016. Tiger Woods has dropped from the PGA Championship, and to me, this is a major major thing going under the radar. 
Woods with major after major to his name, had a run throughout the early part of the millennium. Once the controversy with ex-wife Elin Nordegren hit, Tiger fell. And the free fall continued, as tales of infidelity and such hit the small screen. Tiger’s confidence and resilience was gone. 

Now with 2016 in the month of July, and the major season coming to a close. Tigers chances to play are dwindling like the Red Sox chances at getting an ace at the deadline. Woods needs to play at least once this year so we know what we should expect. 

Are the injuries that bad? Is he in that much pain at this point in his career. Was he withholding information? Three questions that I think need to be answered before the year closes out. Will they be answered? Not a chance, Tiger will keep himself out of the spotlight now more than ever. Why? I truly think he doesn’t want to look weak in front of the sports media and his peers. He’s looked weak in the past and I really don’t think he can afford to look that weak again. If he does, say goodbye to the legacy, it will be gone and gone forever. 

If he comes back in 2017, and that this point that’s a big IF, he could return to the ranks of the best. That sounds like a huge stretch, but it really could happen. I’ve never been the biggest Tiger fan, but look at his history. Look at those old tournaments, those Sunday performances. Young guys like Spieth and Fowler could take a closer look at those days. If they plan on being as good as him one day, let’s see them replicate what he did. The Sunday’s at The Masters and The US Open are anything but legendary. 

So when your watching the last major of the year, just remember one thing. He won’t be there, he may never be that great ever again. But when he does come back, I think we could see stuff of legends. Or we could see stuff that looks like well a round some of our writers put together. And those rounds are just the worst. 

Come back soon Tiger, we miss you. 


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