What Happened To Jordo?

After an illustrious year on the tour last year, Jordan Spieth has taken a big drop in the golf world. Spieth had a remarkable season last year. One that could have been considered Tiger Woods like. But looking at the 22 year old Texan, can we say expectations were too high? 

I think so. And here’s why. 

Everyone and their mother hopped into the Spieth wagon and buckled themselves right in. Something that golf fans these days tend to do with most young guys…i.e. Anthony Kim. But unlike Kim, Spieth has a pure talent that will keep him prevalent. But as far as I’m concerned this year has been a disappointment for Spieth. 

Two major wins and the Tour Championship victory highlighted the resume of 2015 for Spieth. But this year, Spieth has two wins in tournaments that I consider to be just alright. A second that The Masters and two finishes in the 30s at the other majors are what else Jordo has to offer. 

I really think the pressure may have gotten to him. All those people behind him, and the Olympics must have clouded Jordan’s head. But now with no Olympic bid or pressure, he should be able to finish this year strong. 

I’m not as big of a Spieth fan anymore, solely based off of the attitude I’ve seen from him. His hissy fit at The Masters over two ball markings, and some of his expressions at The US Open have sort of turned me away. He’s not a boring golfer,  he’s just not for me. I do like watching him, I’m just not his biggest fan like one of out other writers(Chris, even though he says hes on summer break, and he’s our golf guy). 

Spieth has The PGA Championship and The Fed-Ex Cup to finish the season. I honestly think he can really shut people up if he can have top 10 finishes in at least 2 of these tournaments. If he wins at least 1 he validates himself as the biggest star in the golf world. If not he’s just a top-10 guy, and there certainly nothing wrong with that. 


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