Westbrook? Banner 18? 

Alright let’s start this off with me saying this, Kevin Durant is a fraud, and his decision makes him a huge hypocrite. Now that I got that out, let’s talk some Russell Westbrook. OKC is “supposedly” shopping the superstar point guard. And why not, he’s got a year left and is set to be an unrestricted FA. You shop him now, you’re setting yourself up for a high lotto pick next season. 

Word on the street is that the Boston Celtics(LETS GOOO) are a favorite to land Russ. I love it, absolutely love it. Don’t give me the argument of “he’s a rental”, stupid argument. Give me banner 18 with a rental over the team we have now with just the playoff appearance. Brad Stevens and that system could catapult Russ into the stratosphere(Wolf Of Wall Street reference). IT and Westbrook could be a potential lethal injection of guards, along with Big Al Horford, this team is a title contender. 

Wait Jack…did you say title contender? Oh I sure did say those exact words. You add Russ, you are competing (and probably) beating Cleveland and Toronto. He’s a guy who can drop 30 a night and have 12 assists, he’s a pure gamer. 
Now I have said some rather mean words about Westbrook in the past. But with the possibility of him being a Celtic gets me excited. I take back basically everything I said about him with just this idea that he could be in the green and white. He has the skill, the poise and the finesse to make a team go from good to great. 

So who would we have to move to get this young fella to the Garden? Well the first name has to be Marcus Smart. One reason is because Russ has shown disdain for Marcus in the past, don’t want that dislike getting into the locker room. I’d also say you would have to throw James Young in there. Young may never see the minutes he thinks he should have as a Celtic. He is the piece that OKC would insist on adding in on the deal. Lastly a pick would be involved, possibly a Brooklyn pick or maybe the original team pick. I’m sending that pick to OKC, just helps the cause. 

If we get the deal done, praise be to Danny Ainge. He would get higher praise if he is able to get Russ to sign an extension. With the potential the team has and the Celtics lineage, I can’t see how he doesn’t. Offer him the max deal and tell him you are “The Franchise”(no not a Shane Douglas impersonator). 

We play the waiting game now folks. Patience is a virtue, something Celtics fans normally have none of, but now we need it and need it big time. Get the job done Danny. 


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