UFC 200 Thoughts…Again 

UFC 200 is on Saturday, and we were supposed to get the second installment of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. But in true Jon Jones fashion, he goes and fails a drug test. Once again, just like that UFC 200 is in shambles. Jones has singlehandedly put a damper on what was supposed to be a massive event in the world of MMA. 

Does this come to a surprise to me? Not in the least! Jon Jones has been given chance after chance at redemption. Once again, he goes and screws it all up. I really have no sympathy for him due to his arrogance. Get it together Jon, seriously get it together. What an absolute disgrace. 

If I’m Dana White, I would consider suspending Jones and making him take drug tests once a month. Maybe that’s too brash, but that’s the type of guy I am. Jones is going to keep failing tests until something big happens. 

So now who does DC get instead? 

Oh…just an MMA legend. 
ANDERSON SILVA is stepping in for Jones for the fight. Now we get a true legend and warrior of the octagon stepping in to take on DC. Prepare yourself folks, we are about to see the Spider get stepped on by Cormier. 

If Silva has time to train, yeah I give him a solid chance in this one. But in all actuality he’s taking this fight on a few days notice. There is not a snowballs chance in hell he has a shot winning this fight. If he does, well then I look like an idiot. But in all seriousness, he will get washed away like that stupid spider in Charlotte’s Web. 

DC has the right to be absolutely livid, and he will use everything in his left to destroy Silva. Prepare yourselves folks this is going to be an ugly one. Oh and that’s not the main event, they gave the ladies the nod in the main event. Time to put up or shut up Miesha, show us your worth and how good you really are. 
My Official Picks(Main Card)

Brock Lesnar over Mark Hunt 2nd Round TKO

Miesha Tate over Amanda Nunes UD

Daniel Cormier over Anderson Silva 2nd round KO

Frankie Edgar over Jose Aldo SD 

Cain Velasquez over Travis Browne 2nd Round KO 
Prelim Card Picks

Cat Zigano over Julianna Pena 2nd round TKO

Johnny Hendricks over Kelvin Gastelum 3rd round KO

TJ Dillashaw over Raphael Assuncao 2nd round TKO 

Sage Northcutt over Enrique Martin 1st KO

Joe Lauzon over Diego Sanchez UD 

Gegard Mousasi over Thiago Santos 3rd submission 

Jim Miller over Takanomi Gomi UD 
Those are my picks and I’m sticking to them! 

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