Chanticleer Cinderalla 

Delays, controversy, adversity, resiliency and anarchy. Those are five words that can be used for the College World Series finale. We had a winner out of Conway, South Carolina, their name is the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. A frantic and dramatic 4-3 victory over Arizona clinched the CWS for them. 

Andrew Beckwith is the winning pitcher for Coastal. This kid finished the year with a 15-1 record, let me say it for you….WOW. For a kid to do that these days is unreal, something we may not see ever again. Oh wait maybe we will he will be back next season. An undrafted Junior, Beckwith will be the ace of the Chants staff next season as well. 

One of the plays of the game was on an ball up the middle hit by Zach Remillard. Arizona infielder Cody Ramer struggled fielding it and then tried to get the Coastal runner at third, he overthrew it there. Those two errors cost the Wildcats two runs.

The next batter, as Karl Ravech called him, “The Carolina Kid” GK Young. Young hit an absolute moonshot off the Arizona pitcher Bobby Dahlbec, giving the Chants a 4-0 lead. Absolutely pounded the ball to right field, and let me tell you the ball may not have landed yet. 

Arizona, in true Wildcat fashion, clawed their way back. Scoring 2 in the 6th, chasing Beckwith away. But just couldn’t get anything again till the 9th. Scoring 1 more run with 2 down. But in the end it was just a little too late. 

Alex Cunningham gets his first career save striking out the final batter preserving the CWS for Coastal. Let me say his celly for the finish was just about killer. Cunningham, a Junior was expected to pitch, but came in and did his job.

Coastal gets their first Natty in school history. Arizona gets the old tip of the cap. That team was fun to watch and full of life, they’ll be back trust me they will. But this day belongs to the Chanticleers. 
With this, it gives us the end of the college sports season. And what a way to end it, if you missed a moment then shame on you. The CWS, in my opinion, is just as exciting as March Madness. These kids work their tails off, they don’t get the TV time or the recognition. But you know what? They don’t care, they go out and they get the job done. Something that I really, really respect. 

Now I start my new tradition. I will be buying a hat for the champion of the CWS for the next 5-6 years. Should be a good collection. If there is a repeat champ, I will buy the runner up, pretty good idea if you ask me. 


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