Wicked NHL Wednesday

HOLY TOLEDO WHAT HAS HAPPENED TODAY. A whirlwind of moves and non-moves happened all in the matter of 20 minutes. If I didn’t fall into a coma from shock(figuratively) I would have written this sooner. So here we go, a big time reaction post, this really separates the men from the boys. 

The most shocking move of the day was the Subban for Webber trade. How in the blue hell that this went through as a one for one is beyond me. Nashville won this trade big time, and there is no discussion. PK Subban is the best defenseman in hockey(when he’s healthy obviously) and now he heads to a playoff contender. Montreal didn’t get hosed, they got Shea Webber, a guy who shoots like 100 MPH. I can’t believe Subban was actually dealt, it’s almost baffling. I really think this had to do too much with his relationship with the coach, Michel Therrien. Subban said it best too, “I feel a whole lot closer to winning a Stanley Cup after today’s trade” (Conor McKenna Tweet Quote).

So let’s now move down to Tampa. The sweepstakes has a winner, and by somewhat of a surprise, Steven Stamkos is staying as a part of the Lightning. Honesty if you are 100% shocked, you’re a moron. It was probably between Tampa and Toronto, and let’s be real here Toronto stinks. There’s some good rookies but last time I checked rookies don’t win cups alone. This isn’t Kentucky basketball. Stamkos played one playoff game last season, I guarantee if he plays that entire ECF then we see the Bolts in the Cup. Not an opinion, that’s a fact from Jack. 

Ahhh now to our good old friend Peter Chiarelli. Here. We. Go. 

In his time as a GM, Peter Chiarelli has now successfully traded the number 1 and 2 picks in the 2010 NHL Draft. For those playing at home, those picks were Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, oh and they’re pretty good. The fact of the matter is you don’t trade Hall whose been a top scorer the past few years. He took Adam Larsson  from New Jersey, a guy who had the same number of points as Kevan Miller last season, and Larsson played 11 more games. Does Chiarelli know what he’s doing? I honestly think he’s got no idea.


The obvious winners of today are New Jersey, Tampa Bay and Nashville. The big winner is Tampa Bay. Stamkos staying is something that keeps them as a top seed in the east. Nashville gets an A+ d-man, and New Jersey seemingly has their next big thing. 

Montreal and Edmonton are the losers. If I’m the owners, I’m looking at the General Managers right now with a death glare. It makes zero sense to trade two big names like that in one for one deals. Get a small package deal of guys or a couple picks. And Canadian fans wonder why they haven’t won a cup since the early 90’s. 

Free agency starts Friday or something like that. As a Bruins fan it’s great to know that our GM isn’t making these moronic trades. But then again it’s bound to happen soon. 


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