3 Years Later…GSP IS BACK

At one time he was one of the most feared names in all of MMA. Then he basically “took his ball and went home”, thus creating a 3 year hiatus. But now he is ready to return to the Octagon, who is he exactly? That he is a man by the name of Georges St. Pierre. GSP is back, and he is looking for a fight. 

We haven’t seen GSP since his controversial split-decision win over Johny Hendricks. A decision that many thought should have gave Hendricks the title. Immediately following the fight, GSP vacated the title to, as he put it, “step away for a little bit”. That bit ended up being 3 years, and after a back and fourth with the UFC, one of the best of all time is ready to come back. 

Here’s a little history about the French-Canadian. GSP is the second longest reigning champion of all time, second only to the legendary Anderson Silva. GSP during the streak beat the likes of Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, Dan Hardy, Josh Koscheck and Thiago Alves. GSP also has some legendary wars with Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. Serra actually KO’d GSP in a title fight, which has been called the greatest upset in MMA history. He holds a professional record of 25-2, that’s pretty damn good. 

3 years off, so who do you throw him in the octagon against. Three names come to mind. 

First name is newly crowned Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping. This to me could be a long shot due to the weight classes. And to be honest I think The Count would dominate GSP. I think GSP would be better off in the lightweight-welterweight range to start off. 

The next two names will be fighting in the next few months. Those names are Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. Truth be told I want the GSP-McGregor fight. That could be a mega-fight that many wish they could have had at 200. Diaz-GSP could finally answer the question, can GSP beat both of the Diaz brothers. I would want the Conor fight first, but would take the Diaz fight as the replacement. Maybe Conor gets hurt in training and GSP has to fight Diaz instead. Now that’s something everyone would enjoy. 

BJ Penn’s name has swirled around as well. That would give us the ever so awesome fight trilogy. But what hurts BJ here is that he is 0-2 against GSP. The second fight was marred by a “greasing controversy”. But at the end of the day BJ got beat up, but then again maybe the greasing had something to do with it. That would be an interesting option for the UFC if they were to go that way. 

We could see GSP at the end of this year, but I would be shocked to see him any time sooner than Spring of 2017. But I’ll be buying his fight no matter who he’s fighting. Or I’ll attend the sports bar broadcasting it. It’s that big of a deal. 

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